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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Post your favorite fish market....  (Read 5450 times)

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JEDMO NATION at ALBION :smt005 :smt005 :smt005
Fall is dropping in for a while. Love fall colors and fishing!

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Haven't been to a "fish market" for over a decade! At least, not to BUY fish to eat. Bait, yes. All the time. Monterey Fish Co or the tiny Vietnamese market near my house.
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I go to Phil's in Moss Landing to weigh MFPBs, and to drink chavelas.



ps...they make a nice clam chowder too.

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Pacific Market on Dyer st. in Union City. Has lots of fish/seafood on ice. Also a good place to buy bait.  :smt003

Also in Union City is Marina Market on the corners of Alvarado Niles Rd. and Decoto Rd. By Wells Fargo

The have some fish on ice but also have live fish/seafood. Like crab, lobster, Black Bass, Clams, oysters, mussels.


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Fished and Foraged
Locally caught fish and foraged mushrooms and more here in Santa Cruz. These guys are good dudes, they deliver to you or you can pick up the fresh stuff down on W dock at the harbor!

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The Pacific Ocean  :smt006

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Wet= StillWaterCove
Dont wanna get wet= Phils Fish Market. Moss Landing Harbor.


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Was in Boston last week, where I dined at LEGAL SEAFOODS flagship property, Boston Harborside.  Three levels, each offering a different experience, environment.  Had all the New England classics, and server cracks lobsta' tableside upon request.  Great concept, excellent fare = Highly recommended.  (not just saying that bc I ate with their general counsel . . . but it was his treat)  Check it out next time in BOS.

Also ate at a dive in Gloucester.  I ordered Atlantic Cod.  No telling what it was, crusted in panko and baked, thick and flaky.  But it seemed too delicate, thought cod had a little more robust texture and density.  It was delicious anyway, and eating cod in Gloucester seemed like ingesting history w each forkful.  Sure would be a nice place to spend a weekend and take in the fishing culture

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Nobody said Berkeley Bowl.  Flies out of the counter, so It's always fresh and I have heard they give the commercial guys a good price.  Of course, Monterey Fish on Hopkins in Berkeley is a classic.

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