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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Post your favorite fish market....  (Read 7472 times)

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the fish market on the pier at port san luis, tasty local fish as well as the best of whats in season up and down the pacific coast



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Tokyo fish market in berkeley. Santa Rosa seafood on santa rosa ave


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Pacific Market on Dyer St. Union City. All fresh and they will cut to specs. or deep fry while you wait. They also carry live Dunguness year round as while as many other varieties in there tanks. Owner and operated by Pinoys.

Fish 'n Brew

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Ranch 99 is a great place to buy frozen squid for bait.  3 pound box $5.99


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Pikes in Seattle... and when you are there, visit the great bar that is in the second floor across the street that has a great windows that views down onto the entrance where all the action is... forget the name... great local and WA state beers :beer2 I think I could live right there.
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Marvin A

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Wife said mine is Costco until big Maple is fire wood and garden is tilled up to her specs.


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Catalina Offshore Products in San Diego. Ship anywhere overnight for $20. Sooooo good. Can't always hit the beach if fn Zion.

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Any inside secret spots in maui? While I'm here I might as well.
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The ocean! What are we, average consumers or fishermen? The only seafood I ever buy is the occasional can of sardines, canned pink salmon, or oysters from Tomales Bay. Otherwise, there is too much bycatch, waste, and destruction involved.
Here's one for you. I've worked for these guys and they are SERIOUS about sustainability. You dont even have to leave your keyboard. They are pricy, but good seafood is...
I Love Blue Sea

Derrick A2H

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The ocean! What are we, average consumers or fishermen? The only seafood I ever buy is the occasional can of sardines, canned pink salmon, or oysters from Tomales Bay. Otherwise, there is too much bycatch, waste, and destruction involved.

Ditto i supply fish to co workers, family, and friends because i have a huge addiction to fishing an when u go on charter boats that limit out u have to take a limit home so fish for every one even more so now that i have a kayak lol this seasons gonna be awesome. just happy i wont be forced to keep fish :D
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Albion - this past weekend! The species variety and quality of the fish was stellar.
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No body said Super Wallmart! buy food and fishing Gear and Tackle :smt003
 I can't say i have a favorite fish market it all depends on what I'm craving... can't find  fresh bard perch in the market :smt044


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Phil's in Moss Landing on the island.


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Trinidad in the bay.  :smt044
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Dolphin's fish market/restaurant in Princeville---just down the road from Tahiti Nui's!
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