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Topic: Okuma Baidarka Kayak  (Read 5738 times)

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Hi Folks! My first post on the forum  :smt006

I'm considering purchasing my first fishing kayak from a private party. It's the Okuma Baidarka Kayak... I'm almost certain that this is the Cobra Marauder and just branded w/ Okuma. Check out the following links:


Any thoughts or feedback on this kayak to be used for the following:

Protected bay water fishing
Slough Touring

***REALLY*** appreciate your combined inputs!

- Jeff (a.k.a. hi_octane)
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They gave them to Okuma dealers that bought a certain amount of rods...its a Marauder.  FYI-Cobras with swirled resins do not have a great track record.


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I hope my kayak doesn't prove you right, Sean...at least until I eventually move on to another kayak.  :smt012


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Yours should be fine hojo...I am referring to the two tone swirled models like the Baidarka.


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After months of testing and design, the new Okuma Baidarka Fishing Kayak is finally available for purchase.  Months of design and testing must have consisted of a day deciding which font to use on the logo, followed by a lot of on-the-water "testing"...  What a rough job they have.  :smt101
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