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Vintage "Little Cleo" (with naked lady) and other old spoon.

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Fisherman X:
I don't have any of the CS lures, but I do have some of the little cleopatra "originals".

I have an odd lure an old family acquaintance gave me in a box of tackle with a miniature barrel and a person inside it - if you slide the barrel up a rather large protuberance erupts. I would post a picture of it but do not wish to be seen as excessively crass and insensitive. Like the CS lure it is rather crude, only worse.

From what I have read the oldest Cleos have Seneca stamped on them Seneca was making the lure 1953-1980 then Acme took over.
THe Seneca's are a little thicker also.
I have seen one of those barrel lures pretty cool. 

--- Quote ---in you first post bottom picture what is that?
--- End quote ---
Not sure maybe a custom Lazy Ike

Mickfish:   Now THATS a crankbait! :smt003


--- Quote from: jhfish ---excessively crass and insensitive.
--- End quote ---

Note to self:  learn what crass means.   :smt005 :smt002

(it has "ass" in it, so it likely has to do with me...   :smt003)

(you're right, jh - good on you   :smt001)

Cool lures, all, and great info as usual, Mike.

   Hey Mickfish I think I can id the second row on your photo. The first and third lures look like Chum spoons made by Pflueger and the middle one looks like a Abalone Demon. I have one in a box with the fact sheet, Chum spoon that is, I tried to shoot a photo but it washed out couldn't read it. I'll try again later. Also I have one of those excessively crass and insensitive lures. Its called a SAM -BO or more effectually little black sambo. The one I have is NIB, on the side of the box it reads " A Lure For Fishing and Fun- Every Tackle Box Should Have One" other side says "Start The Season Right - Let SAM-BO Wake Up The Big Ones". I tried to shoot it too but its kind of an action lure and a photo doesn't do it justice. Maybe a video? I was planing on going to the tackle show in Santa Rosa and I'll bring those lures with me and you can check out the fact sheet on the Chum spoon. I'll be looking your post on the hookup.
    Tight lines Dale


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