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Topic: Great Ways to Get Yourself Banned  (Read 40649 times)

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Be Safe, Not Sorry = B'ropeUpFool!

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I'm a born and raised Filipino from an Italian father and a Spaniard mother BUT still proudly display my "Hella Asian" nature  :kungfu  ....I'm also proud of the fact that I can blend in with anyone anywhere anytime....I therefore classify myself as a chameleon :tongue2:

Whenever I fill out a job application form....I check "OTHER"   :headbang:



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Guess I missed Sky Green-Part Two or The Final Chapter. Not sure which applies.
Probably because as soon as something starts to read like hogwash I move on.
I am sure someone will clue me in at another time.
Even though I missed it; thanks Bill for removing the Hater.
There is just no room for that here or anywhere IMO.


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does this mean I can't call my boy a fifty-fifty anymore?


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Thanks Bill.  I usually don't really get upset about that kind of stuff and for the most part laugh it off, although I guess someone can easily be offended by something I think is funny, but that person went way beyond anything that should ever be considered acceptable.

I had half a mind to round up the Russian River Mafia but then I realized I don't have the kind of pull required to round up that strong of a posse.   :smt003

Northern Boy

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Does this apply to Gopher Rockfish?


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Will I get in trouble if I say that almost everyone here is a friggin mutt, like me and our president?

I'm actually amazed how well we do considering the vast range of opinions covered by folks on the board.

Thanks Bill.  Those are sensible guidelines.  But the car-wreck viewer in me wants to know what happened.


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I had half a mind to round up the Russian River Mafia but then I realized I don't have the kind of pull required to round up that strong of a posse.   :smt003

You have the MF'n Death Tribe.....posse's don't get any better than that.  :munky2:
..........agarcia is just an ex-kayaker


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I was also alerted to the offensive posts.  I was on the fence about banning the member.  That should only be a last resort, but looking at the member's previous post did show a pattern of personal attacks/racist comments.  That's just not how we roll around here.  Good call on Bill's part.
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Winter is always the season of discontent.  Few open seasons, cold weather, seasonal affective disorder...  Still there's no excuse for personal attacks or especially racist ones.  I may be a jackpine savage, but my kids are half Filipino.  ;)
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I grew up in rhode Island as half Irish, half German Protestant  in Italian Catholic Dominated area.  I have heard all "Mic" remarks out there.  No matter what I allways had the last laugh because everyone wears green on St. Pat's day, but no one goes around wearing stuff on Italian Saint's day.

Funny how racial slurs go, true story, growing up in a mostly white area, when I went to Basic Training in 82 two DI's had the Battery out there and they started throwing some insults at each other: whitey, chicken eater, honky, watermelon eater.  Dumb as I was, I asked my room mate from Baltimore what did they mean, I ate chicken and watermelon.  I had no clue what they meant.  He laughed his butt off.
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 I'm sure I read posts from this "BHP (Banned hater person) but can't recall who it was, but as many have mentioned, glad there gone for now.  It's not needed here!

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Yeah, racism  :smt013, it seems like I see the most racist remarks come out in paching threads abour certain ethnic groups being blamed for our deminishing fisheries.  :smt011. Maybe they will get their heads out their a$$es someday and quit blaming and start educating.



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does this mean I can't call my boy a fifty-fifty anymore?

I'm the son of Danish immigrants (English was my second language) and my wife is Indian from Fiji. We tell our boys they are "ada ada" -- "half and half".

Good rules, good judgment.

I know that I know nothing - Socrates


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My birth mother got pregnant in Tennessee in 1952 out of wedlock. A case of date rape in the 50's produced me. She came to Oakland , ca. to have the baby. I was adopted at 2 weeks old. My birth mother was scottish, the sperm donor was italian. I'm not sure where I am going here. But if anyone ever says I'm a bastard, well they are right. :smt044 You gotta roll with it sometimes. Time weeds out the bad and if you just ignore them they get tired and move on.
"I always entertain great hope" Robert Frost