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Topic: Scotty Flush Mount adapter  (Read 314 times)

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Can someone point me in the direction of a flush mount adapter that would allow me to use the rear flush mount to angle a rod forward while trolling? Basically something that drops into the flush mount and swivels/locks in any direction?

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I canít say for 100% sure it fits but the Hobie rod holder does this. It comes with two straps to hold it in place while trolling.

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it will only work if the flush mount has something gimbal pin or similar at the bottom to "lock in" the adapter.  otherwise whatever you put in there will just spin around if it gets hit hard and your rod could go flying out. 

that being said, my boat has gimbal rod holders and I use these things. they're pretty nice. I could see you finding a way to get it to stay in place somehow with a strap or something.  they don't really face forward, kind straight out the side on my 30 degree holders.

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the alternative would be the scotty gimbal adapter + a scotty rod holder.



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If you mount your rod holder in front of your seat, it'll be easier to monitor its tip for strikes, and you won't get a sore neck from turning to look at your rod.  And if you mount your rod with its tip on the same side of your kayak as your fish finder, you can monitor both of them at the same time.  On my Revolution, my fish finder is on the right gunwale, and I mount my trolling rod on a gear track in front of the pocket on the left gunwale, with the rod pointing to the right and at right angles to the centerline of the kayak, and the butt hanging down over the left side of the kayak.  I position the rod holder so the rod is a couple inches behind my left toe when my left pedal is all of the way back.  The rod doesn't interfere with pedaling in this position, and I can quickly grab it out of its holder when I get a strike.


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