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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Paddlefest and Linesides  (Read 1208 times)

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Paddle-fest and Linesides
Hey guys,
From the postís Iíve been reading the fishing is good. A couple of on going projects writing and photography have kept me from any serious fishing for several months.
However itís the beginning of linesides season for the lakes, particularly San Luis and
OíNeill Fore bay as well as my home waters Millerton lake.  In short the drought is over.
We could try another get together on the Fore bay. Anybody interested?
Once again The Coyote Point Paddlefest is coming. This year it will be September 24&25. For those of you that arenít familiar with the paddlefest or a paddle fest.
Theyíre events where the makers of kayak, canoes and anything to do with them get together and let you try out their wares, as well as all that theyíre will be numerous classes and seminars on paddling and other endeavors of our sport. Yours truly will be there 10:00&2;00 doing kayak fishing seminars
   For twenty bucks you can come and try any of the new yaks being made or one you havenít had a chance to try. The paddlefest is a good place to brush up on your paddling skills or acquire some in the first place. Really a good ideal Iíve seem some of you paddle.
Why Do I paddle a kayak instead of a float tube or a pontoon boat? I like seeing where I'm going not where I've been!
Paddle safe and wrap'em tight.
Rickey Noel Mitchell http://www.paddleandflies.com