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Topic: ICOM Radio Receiving problems Info  (Read 2239 times)

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Pat R.

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ICOM Radio Info

I emailed icom about are problem with receiving, you know when you can hear some one elseís radio be for yours kicks in, well in quotes is what there response was. I also included in pdf form, the manual for the IC-M34 at the bottom if you canít find yours like me. I did check out mine and the power saver was on I turned it off I hope this helps are problem.

Pat R

Thank you for contacting ICOM America Technical Service Department.

Look to see if you, and the others, have the power save function turned on. If the Power Save mode is on the radio will go into a hibernation state and it takes a second or two worth on transmission to het them back into the normal "on" dtate.

This is the PS parameter in the set mode which starts on page 17 of the Instruction Manual.

Best Regards;

Fred Varian - WD5ERD

Manual for the IC-M34
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Fuzzy Tom

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Thanks for the post.  I hadn't dug that manual out in a long time.  My icom ic-miv model has something like that too, I'll have to check that my radio isn't in the power save mode, but it looks like it would take some doing to get it there accidently,because I'd have to press several buttons in just the right sequence, and a couple at the same time, to get it there, unlike hi and low power setting where just hitting one button while moving around would do it - and has in the past. My manual does say that the power save function doesn't activate when the scan function is in use.