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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: A sticky for ocean newbie questions?  (Read 36150 times)

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Someone needs to Wiki this.  :smt003
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I had the following:
Swim Flippers - I don't know why I think I need this but for some reason my brain tells me to stow it inside the hull

I started by diving out of my yak before I started fishing from it, and fins make it oh so much easier to reboard the yak, but only if you have them on.  Then the first few times I went just fishing I took them just in case but always left them tethered above deck for quick donning if needed.  I don't take them anymore but can't argue that you shouldn't, especially if the stuff really hits the fan and you have to swim in. It could happen.

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don't forget the big O'L BAT to keep the deck quiet. :violent1:

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     The only thing that comes to mind for me to add is a fish glove or lip gripper to prevent "rockfish thumb"... :smt001

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Dude I cant believe you guys left out BEER!!!! :beer3
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Common sense and respect for the ocean. There is no substitute for understanding the situation and knowing your limitations. If you can afford it - EPIRB and shark shield.
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Over the past 4 years of hardcore kayak fishing in the ocean, I have never needed a bat. It just isn't necessary, and I like to have LESS junk on my kayak. The only fish that might need clubbing are halibut, sturgeon, and sharks. Everything else--just put em on the game clip and cut the gills.
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Another good little tip is to tether your paddle, so if you take the unexpected dump in a wind, it'll act as a sea anchor for the boat. Plastic yaks can drift faster than you can swim in a strong wind and leave you out there on your own. It'll give you a fighting chance to catch it before it's too late... Also keep the radio on or in your vest. Won't do you much good if it seperates from you. I use a piece of the one piece velcro to hold it to my shoulder strap. Combined with the clip that's on the radio does a good job of keeping it in place. It's also real convenient to talk with it the during the constant banter during these NCKA outings... :smt002


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Rather than bringing fins, a buddy of mine who has kayak fished years suggests bringing "paddle gloves" with wide webbing like a frog, that take up no space and can be stowed in a ditch bag and used in a pinch to paddle yourself in.  Sounded pretty smart to me... 


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A wetsuit that will keep you warm in the water temp you would be swimming in if you fell out of or lost your boat is MANDATORY!!!  I never leave shore without a 4/3 surfing full wetsuit (sealed seams) at least in my hold.  The minimum I wear is a 2 mil springsuit.

Other than that I try to keep it to a bare minimum as others will attest to;

In order of importance in my yak,
4 mil surf suit
PFD with compass & whistle in pocket tethered, submersible VHF clipped & tethered to the vest as well
2 paddles, one in the hull in case i loose the other
rods, reels, small tackle box.
swiss army knife
6' length of 500 lb. test line (stringer)

In 3 years I've never really needed or want more than that.  Although I did kind of wish I had a Sig Sauer 9mm when my shark came to color.  Turns out I didn't need it.

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In order of importance in my yak,
swiss army knife

You mean you used to carry a swiss army knife. :smt002


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Travel light

the less you carry the better

unless you're talking about fish  :cowboy_smoke:

I agree with Abking, #1 is a compass And if there's any sign of fog pay attention to it

#2 is h2o, and keep it where you can get at it if you get caught in a blow, which happens faster than you can think

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I have a small weather radio along with the previous mentioned stuff. 
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I agree w/ PJ.

There are different levels of danger and I for one want to frontload the remedy to the ones that kill the quickest.
I used to live in Seattle and I learned there that fisherman who went overboard often died of cold despite having good flotation gear. In fact, when the water was 49-50 degrees they died in 20 minutes!!! Down here we are what? 54 degrees?  That means you die 5 minutes slower?
Now the cold water kills faster then anything and flotation gear can only save you from drowning. if you are to get top-side again pretty quick, fine....
 if not, the only thing that would save anyone is a wetsuit.
I prefer a 6.5 mm farmer john in winter and a 3mm in summer. It floats you and keeps you protected from the strength sapping, freezing water. For me its far, far better then a PFD.
The PFD may keep you face up and safe from drowning if you're knocked out but you still better be pulled out of the water w/in 20 minutes if you are gonna live.
A PFD and a wetsuit fills the need indeed. Between the two, I feel much safer in a wetsuit then the legally mandated PFD.
Safe and warm topside you now have lotsa time to save yourself from the other threats.
Plus, if you get battered in the rocks, it helps to reduce injury.......... and if a shark bites you you taste so bad that he doesn't return. The suit also holds your wounds together like a burrito.

Doesn't return...OK I made that up.

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Yes to all of the above but don't forget the dramamine or the scopace.
Otherwise you'll end up like me chumming the water. Oh, one more thing,
nice pair of sunglasses and a wide brim hat.

2 seasons ago i didn't have dramamine and chummed all day, wouldn't go back in because i had a couple of good hookups on live bait "Lings" and was determined to catch one... last season opener windy big swells @ Ocean Cove, I took 2 tabs and paddled out, within 30 minutes I was falling asleep, paddled back to shore and basically collapsed woke 2hrs latter feeling like crap...sorta ruined a fishing day...camp host said fresh ginger is a great alternative...
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