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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: question about fishing iron vertically.  (Read 1153 times)

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with a, say, 3.5 oz megabait, how far above the bottom am I bringing that thing before I drop it back down to the bottom? what kind of action am
I trying to impart to that thing? how do I best impart the action?
maybe just slow raising and lowering like with a shrimpfly?

Some people have said they just hang their jig above the bottom, don't touch it and let the wave action jig it, but they were talking about fishtraps and scampis and the like, I think, not an "iron" jig. so I'm assuming
that more should be done with an iron jig.
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I lift it fairly high and let it tumble back down again.  Tumbling through the water makes them look like a convulsing baitfish and gives off vibrations that the fish can sense with their lateral lines.  The occasional bang against the bottom also brings fish in.  Diamond jigs fall pretty quickly, so I doubt the swell will drop them fast enough for them to flutter.
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