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Topic: specialty knots.....  (Read 20666 times)

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Can someone tell me if the palomar knots works with mono, fluorocarbon, and braided line?


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Can someone tell me if the palomar knots works with mono, fluorocarbon, and braided line?

The Palomar not will not work with braided line.  It will slip under extreme conditions.  Berkley has come up with a modified version for slippery lines like braid and their new nanofil line.  Like the Palomar, after you thread the folded line through the eye, double the overhand  knot before putting the hook through the loop.  It is strong and will not slip.


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Can someone tell me if the palomar knots works with mono, fluorocarbon, and braided line?
I use it and have not had any failures with the new lines yet

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I use the palomar with mono and braid all the time, works great.
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Thank you all for the help!


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One day while shore fishing I got bored and started trying to discover my own knots or knots I didn't know of yet and I thought I was on to something new when I tied the modified slip knot because nobody that I knew tied that one.  Guess I'm a bit slow but that knot has been my go to knot especially if I ever needed to tie a knot for some reason out on the water.  Super super super easy and fast and I've tested it personally on mono, the line would give before the knot.  On braid I thought it would slip but it really holds up the same.  I no longer tie other knots except for double uni and albright for connections.  I can literally tie the slip knot in about 5 seconds, I love that knot.

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Can someone tell me if the palomar knots works with mono, fluorocarbon, and braided line?
I use it and have not had any failures with the new lines yet

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probably my favorite knot in the palomar. i use it for almost every application

here is a couple of strength tests on youtube

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Here's a knot I posted a few years back;
We have been using it in the store since we started selling braid back in the 90's
don't know who actually created it, but it's funny to read all the comments of people who claim to have designed it ... years after we have been using it ;0)

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Best reference book I have is the complete fisherman Field and Stream. Still use it do to memory loss....ahh the 60's


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This is awesome.
Thank you!