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Topic: Minimalist approach  (Read 623 times)

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Who would argue that this dude is a total stud?


Crazy but true: At Torpedo Pier near Fort Point in San Francisco last week, a fisherman from Mexico was fishing with 10-pound line wrapped around an empty Budweiser can, and then hooked a giant fish. He fought the thing, slowly gaining line on the beer can, and somehow managed to land a 43-inch halibut, estimated at 30 to 35 pounds, maybe bigger. The whole thing was confirmed and photographed by field scout Terry Schmitt, a former Chronicle photographer.



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In Texas we used to see this all the time. Mostly those guys used beer bottles not cans. They could cast them really far and would catch there share of fish. Most of them used really heavy line so drag was not much of an issue plus they wore leather gloves to keep from losing a finger.


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Who would argue that this dude is a total stud?

Absolutely  :worship  :worship  :worship

Growing up in the Phillippine Islands...I started out with a 10 ft. bamboo pole - mono wrapped around the tip and a rectangular-cut piece from a rubber flip flop for a float.....ahhh, the simple days  :smt116