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Topic: Summer Tahiti Trip  (Read 677 times)

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Ho Chi Min Oh

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I'm gonna miss my dog, but caved in to the family pressure and agreed to spend a few weeks in the Tahitian archipelago this summer island hopping on a catamaran.  We'll be six nights aboard and the remainder will be staying in various hotels and such.  I plan on having a kayak at least on the cat.

Does Anyone:

1) know any indigenous personnel who can put me on some fish?
2) have any Tahiti trip reports or stories?
3) have a good reference they can point me to?
4) have any gear for pelagics they are looking to unload?  (specifically looking for some terminal trolling gear (feathers, marauders, big rapalas, clones, etc) and a sturdy saltwater spinning) outfit

Thanks in advance.


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I don't have anything on your list to offer, but I hope you and family have a good time in Tahiti this Summer.  I will control my polite envy.

Please take photos of everything and post them here when you get back.

I hope you have an underwater camera.



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Ahhhh... Tahiti. Good times!

And gets big too. This is in a town called Teahupoo (pronounced Cho-poo)

They have a boat that you can take to watch the surf..  :smt003

Not to mention the fishing.

Now that's a vacation that'll make it plenty hard to go home. Make sure to brush up on some basic French. It'll help tons. A fishing guide is easy to come by in town (Papeete). Remember fishing=pÍchant in French. :smt002

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Wow... what a trip!
Can pass as your older brother and be a part of your family for this vacation?  :smt003

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Como se va?

Do you have a license for you monkey?

Welcome to Tahiti!