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Topic: CA Steelhead Fishing Report-Restoration CARD - Summary Report 2007  (Read 743 times)

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Hi Folks - Below is a CDFG news release and link to the full report on the CA Steelhead Fishing Report-Restoration Card survey as posted on the FishSniffer.  Some interesting stuff in the full report. Enjoy - Bird

DFG News Release
Steelhead Catch Is UpJan. 18, 2008 Contact:
Terry Jackson, Steelhead Fishing Report-Restoration Card Program Coordinator, (916) 327-8855
Anglers are catching more steelhead according to a report by the Department of Fish and Game’s (DFG) Steelhead Fishing Report-Restoration Card program. Catch data gathered through the program show greater numbers of steelhead (wild and hatchery combined) are being caught per trip, particularly on the coastal rivers.  
“This is great news for anglers and important information for steelhead recovery efforts,” DFG Fisheries Branch Chief Neil Manji said. “The Steelhead Fishing Report-Restoration Card program has funded numerous projects to modify and remove barriers to fish passage, install screen diversions, stabilize erosion and provide a host of valuable information on steelhead, and we’re seeing the benefits of this outstanding program.”  
The Steelhead Fishing Report-Restoration Card program is the only long-term funding source dedicated to steelhead. Anglers who fish for steelhead purchase and complete the report card providing steelhead angling data used by DFG to analyze catch and population trends. Funds from the sale of the report cards contribute to projects for the recovery of California’s steelhead populations and restoration of steelhead habitat.  
Anglers must return the Steelhead Fishing Report-Restoration Card each year to DFG by Jan. 31.
The Steelhead Report-Restoration Card program began in 1993 and has provided $1.2 million for more than 100 steelhead projects to monitor, restore and enhance California’s steelhead resources and educate the public about anadromous species and watershed health. Many of the projects funded by report card fees are chronicled in a report prepared by DFG for the Legislature. The report provides an overview of the accomplishments of the program since its inception and is available to the public online at www.dfg.ca.gov/fish/documents/SAL_SH/SHRC_LegRpt_2007.pdf.
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California Canoe and Kayak Fishing Team