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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: A sticky for ocean newbie questions?  (Read 34667 times)

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How do people generally approach using the bathroom on the kayak? Do you bring a container, go in the ocean, or head back to land?

A lot depends on how you are dressed, your business at hand, what kind of kayak you have and where you are.
You can just piss in the scupperhole or the Mirage drive hole.
You used to be able to take a piece of Bull kelp, cut the ends and use it as a hose to direct your business.
If you are in a crowded family friendly area you can use a Little John like pictured below.
I can slide this into my drysuit, TCOB and no one knows.
The other order of business calls for a bit more creativity.
Just remember not to put yourself in a dangerous situation should you fall off the kayak.