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Topic: Need quick answer on Salmon rig!  (Read 1640 times)

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I'm launching out of ML tomorrow (Sat) and I just bought an Apex (Sting King).  It has a barbed hook.  Do I need to mash it down or are the barbless circle hook requirements only for bait? :smt017




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You only need the barbless circle hooks if you're fishing with bait, AND you aren't under power.  Otherwise use barbless J hooks.

Sometimes the barbs are a beotch to mash down with just a pliers, I just got a 12" channel lock wrench for a plumbing project and yesterday at barb mashing time I turned to that and the leverage of that bad boy really did a good job.  Be sure to sharpen it if you bung up the tip or it came dull.
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You are probably already asleep but just in case...

I just use large needle nose pliers and mash it down, make sure you don't leave anything poking up. You should be able to run your finger back and forth over it without getting nicked.


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Still awake -- thanks for the replies!


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yes you do other wise ticket
got saltwater