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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Kayak Connection Derby July 17th  (Read 1932 times)

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Anyone have news on the Santa Cruz tourney re-scheduled for 17 July?

I'm trying to plan a business trip and a bunch of other stuff around it...
Joel M
Big Red Tandem
OK Malibu II XL


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Joel et all,
The July 17th Derby is on!!!  Unfortunately, I'm out!!!  I've got a family event at 10AM, which I can't weasle out of.   :smt013

Anyways, I got this email from Mark @ Kayak Connection.  I've emailed him back with my contribution (a pair of SF Giants tickets) for you guys.

Do you guys want to start a thread on this?


From: mark pastick <mosslboss@earthlink.net>
To: Stuart Imokawa <simokawa@Brocade.COM>
Sent: Sat Jul 02 09:14:50 2005
Subject: Re: Kayak Fishing Contest Speaks out

The July 17th fishing contest is coming up.  Does the Nor cal Anglers
want to contribute this  up coming contest in any way?  Let me know
ahead of time if anyone wants to grill, donations to the give away or
other ideas.  Entry forms are on the web and the fish are biting.

Mark Pastick
Kayak Connection


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Just sent in my entry to Kayak Connection.  Grab an entry form for yourself at:

Joel M
Big Red Tandem
OK Malibu II XL


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I am out as well but I will probably donate some hand poured fish traps to the cause. My anniversary is the 15th and my WAF would go to -3000000 if I went fishing that weekend.


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Dear Fellow Yaker:

 I will bring some of my smoked salmon pasta, beers and my happy face.

FW 2009 RF Derby King Davenport, Ca.


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I'm looking forward to it. See ya'll there.
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Scott Ack

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Sorry that your gonna miss Stuart.  We'll catch you in September then.

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Anyone know if the bait receiver will be open on Sunday? Anyone want to share a scoop?

"May the Fish Be With You!"