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Topic: Shelter Cove campground confirmation  (Read 922 times)

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I got a phone call yesterday from Shelter Cove confirming my reservation for 2019's Gimme Shelter tournament.  I made the reservation when attending this year's (2018) event and all they did was take down my name, phone # and what site I wanted.  This phone call was just to confirm, they didn't want my credit card # or anything, said they would call closer to the event to collect the 1st night fees.  They did ask how many would be in our camp spot though. 
Anyone else contacted?

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Yep.  I got a call too.  Very nice people running that campground. 


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I got a call from them too - on Monday.  I just called them back to confirm the date for GS13 - 5/18/19.
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they called me and took the down payment and reserve another weekend in June for some other event.
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they called me and took the down payment and reserve another weekend in June for some other event.

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