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Thinking of getting some crab for my freezer and maybe bounce ball for Halibut as well.... Any one want to join thinking of getting on the water early.


Recipes / Re: Mountain vs. River Crawdads
« on: May 24, 2023, 07:38:57 PM »
I have had great bugs at stampede,,,,aim for 8 feet deep or less in cobbles....

Recipes / Re: Mountain vs. River Crawdads
« on: May 18, 2023, 03:30:39 PM »
Hi All,
Love the bugs near tahoe..... get them also at Lake Folsom and my favorite meal is Stampede Kokes and crawdads with a small steak... and either a ripping IPA or a glass of cab.     I think the ones I have got are called signal crays..... I have never gotten them any where else so nothing to compare them to.  Going in three weeks for 4 days and can hardly wait.


Hi Paul,
I was just out there Tue.... got 4 rockfish no Hali's and had a pretty good time.   Hope you get um


General Talk / Re: Any REHS in the house?
« on: May 12, 2023, 07:46:27 AM »
Hi Jewli0n,
I am not an ehs but I am a civil engineer that does a lot of work in Marin County with Septic systems and work very much with them.   
It must be hard to tell folks that they have to replace their septic system and all the cost that entails.   Most of the folks I work with seem to like the job and the challenges that they face doing the work.   
Occasionally we get a client that refuses to do the right thing or does not have the means to do the right thing.   These interactions can be stressful for all the people involved.
The other thing that gets stessful is that all residential development in Marin requires some level of functioning system and includes inspections and sometimes with very limited properties there is no way to get improvements due to poor soil, high groundwater or other constraints..... sometimes the folks wanting the improvements will not/ can not understand that they are truly limited no matter what the cost.

These are the typical folks who will not take "no" as an answer no matter how it is explained to them..... these folks are the hardest for me to deal with and my guess is that it is harder for the EHS folks.  I could see this job being tough for folks who want everyone to be happy.  Sometimes this is not possible.

The upside is you may be out in Nature more than the usual office job.... you can be involved in problem solving.... you probably will get dirty..... the there is the poisen oak.


General Talk / Re: Anyone want a buddy for the Rockfish opener?
« on: May 08, 2023, 11:04:46 AM »
I am also looking for partners....staying at new Brighton thu  Wed and looking to get out.


General Talk / Re: Central coast surfing
« on: April 07, 2023, 09:38:28 AM »
I have surfed Willow creek and handfull of times..... big ocean there..... always felt sharky but got some good powerful waves there.

General Talk / Re: Bixpy Setup on Old Town PDL Salty
« on: March 22, 2023, 08:07:56 AM »
Hi All,
I have an old town sportsman pdl 120.... I have followed Paul's setup for same reasons..... if there is any seagrass, any at all, in the water it does foul my bixpy and without landing and getting out of the kayak I don't think I would be able to clear it if it were on my rudder.   I also built a plate and mounted my bixpy in the pedal drive but changing it out on the water is a pain with no noticeable gain.... and could not pedal and bixpy at the same time.  The rod holder mount works best for me.... the only issue is that the yak does not turn as well as you fight the bixpy when tuning into it.... not a big deal but something.... this way I can pedal some and use the bixpy when I want for assist.... and if/when it fouls .... pull it out of the rod holder and clean it and then back in it goes.

works good for me.  Thanks Paul for the vid as it was helpful.... still ended up doing it twice but works good now.


Hi all,

Paul great thread.... enjoyed reading other folks best and worst days.

Best.... first Kayak fishing day.... Paradise Park met with Corey and John who graciously allowed me to tag along.... caught two good sized Halibut and met two great people.
2cnd best was Salmon fishing at Hmb this summer..... got a big salmon to my Yak but lost it as grabbing for my net.....another yak fisherman who was about 20 feet from me who watched the whole thing gave me a play by play afterwards along with quite a few things I did wrong.... He was correct and now I know how not to catch a salmon... I thanked him for his help which I honestly appreciated..... about an hour later a whale surfaced within 10 feet of me and his tail touched my bow.... just enough to feel it tap..... the wake pushed me about 3 feet sideways..... nearly sh^&^T a brick but was sooo cool.

Worst ....Bolinas hell day.... first by myself (my meetup failed to show OK shit happens)..... launch was a little sporty..... set my downrigger  (going for salmon) and broke the wt off (ran it aground) and it went south from there..... getting tangled in my line more than once trying to move to halibut as had no dr wt.... and seas increasing some so decided it was not my day.... back to landing and yard-sale 'd big time....(my third time in 3 bolinas trips) tangled in the surf with my way big net and other leashes (hate leashes) and lost a rod  and reel(but its pool noodle floated) bent the net and lost a bunch of  stuff....pee jar, pliers, fish grabber, gaff.... a real mess.

Decided I needed to take wave dynamics class after that..... probably the best $150 I have spent on kayaking.  Now everything that can go under deck will even if it takes an hour to stow it.... everything else tied down somehow.  I am amazed how a good brace can keep the yard sales to a min.... but for me 3 feet wave is the max.... over that I will likely not be out there unless caught in rising sea situation.

But still I had fun learning my limits and other than lost gear a good trip.  Not a lot of years experience ....only my first year kayak fishing but am totally hooked.

Still lots of room for better (and worst) days in the future.


General Talk / Re: WAF Skills...
« on: March 01, 2023, 07:11:07 AM »
Looks good.   Should buy you a few halibut fishing days.


General Talk / Re: Old town & Hobie kayaks needed for seat measurements
« on: February 24, 2023, 04:05:00 AM »
If you need measurements for sportsman 120 pdl let me know.

Troy....don't need the herring freezer is full .  May be interested in your product.. Have had my daughter tag along with me fishing for kokanee.

Yes a good story indeed.

Last salmon season at HMB a whale (I think a humpback) rolled about 3 feet from my yak..... its wake pushed me and the yak sideways probably 3 to 4 feet and its tail nearly touched it..... I had to give my wetsuit a good cleaning when I got home.

What a rush that was..... would not have missed it for the world.  Made me think I should get a go pro as I have had some great scenery while fishing.


Safety First / Re: Safety Advise from ChatGPT
« on: February 05, 2023, 09:05:26 AM »
Yep kinda a common sense kinda thing....pretty uncommon these days.  What is surprising to me isn't that Ai has some common sense but how little those that think anything involving big blue is easy and safe.   Fun and challenging sure but far from safe.


Congrats Corey.....thanks for all the advice this year.  You  get the fish for sure.


Gearing Up and Rigging Up / Re: Kayak Waist Puller Design?
« on: January 23, 2023, 05:29:37 PM »
I like the harness but need something solid to hold the yak off my ankles.... like a hard yoke kind of a thing.... something that works both up and down hill.

I have a strap long enough to loop over my shoulders but eventually the yak clips my backside depending on how high I hold it.


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