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Gearing Up and Rigging Up / Anybody use an Apple watch when fishing?
« on: August 21, 2023, 06:20:12 PM »
I got a free Apple watch (long story), which I've had for about a week. So far, I'm sorta underwhelmed, but that my be because I'm too lazy to learn how to do much of anything with it.

Anyways, I'm wondering if anybody here has found any good uses for an Apple watch when fishing/kayaking.

Kayak Sailing / Self-steering Hobie Island?
« on: July 13, 2023, 07:14:07 PM »
I like sail-trolling in my AI, not to mention speed-sailing, when conditions allow. But, the one thing I don't like about either, is the constant need to adjust the rudder.

So, I looked to see what "real" sailboats do, steering-wise, and self-steering windvanes are popular. Here's a Youtube video that shows a DIY version in action:

This guy also has a website with detailed info on how he built his self-steering thingy.

Do you think a scaled-down version of this might work on an AI/TI? My guess is that trolling might be too slow for it to be effective, but at slightly faster speed, I can't see why it wouldn't work...

General Talk / Iberian Orcas Bump Into Boats
« on: June 25, 2023, 12:02:32 PM »
If you happen to be in Iberia anytime soon, it might be best to leave your kayak at home...


Here are a few quotes from the article.

"Since July 2020, Portuguese and Spanish researchers with the Atlantic Orca Working Group, or GTOA, have counted roughly 536 Iberian killer whale interactions with boats around the Strait of Gibraltar. In some cases, the orcas approached the vessels but didn’t touch them. Approximately 20% of the interactions ended with a vessel damaged to the point where it could no longer navigate, according to Alfredo López, a biologist and killer- whale specialist who is part of GTOA."

"Three sailboats sank after killer whales damaged rudders and caused serious water leaks, López said."

"There are fewer than 50 Iberian killer whales that swim in Atlantic waters around the Strait of Gibraltar, according to the most recent count by GTOA. Researchers have identified a total of 39, of which 18 are adults and the rest are juveniles."

"The idea that orcas could also be amusing themselves with the boats is rooted in long-term study of the marine mammals..."

Here's a video of one interaction with a sailboat:

Gearing Up and Rigging Up / Garmin FF fails... again!
« on: June 12, 2023, 06:14:31 PM »
Last October, I got a replacement head unit for Garmin Striker FF after the original one got moisture inside and died. Today, the replacement unit died, and I believe this is only the 3rd time that I've used it, and none of those were under particularly harsh conditions (OK some water sloshed on it when I was speed-sailing, but the FF is actually up pretty high off the deck and doesn't get that much spray).

I've submitted a complaint to Garmin, but I'm thinking that even if they replace it, I should probably get something else, as this model seems to be completely unreliable. I've always been a huge fan of Garmin, as the first kayak FF I had was a Garmin, and it lasted 10 years with way more abuse than any FF on my AI could ever suffer. I also have an old Garmin fake-GoPro, which IMHO is way better than a real GoPro, and I once had a Garmin handheld GPS that was awesome (it's been resting on the bottom of Lake Oroville for a long time).

Anybody have a FF suggestion? Reliability is my #1 concern, and I don't feel like I need a lot of features. GPS would be nice but, depending on the price/reliability, I might prefer something cheaper without...

General Talk / Recommendations for home insurance...
« on: June 11, 2023, 04:26:38 PM »
We had (and still have) Farmers insurance, but they sent us a non-renewal notice a while ago, supposedly because we're in an area that is at a high risk of wildfires. Perhaps ironically, there is a brand new fire station about 1/4 mile away.

In any case, we're in the market for home insurance. Does anybody have any recommendations? I figured that I'd fill out a couple forms online, then get inundated with offers. But each time I fill out an online form, the first page asks for my address, then after about 10 more pages of non-stop form filling, I'm informed that they cannot insure us, because our address is in a high-risk fire zone.

I've talked to the neighbors, but the companies that they use don't seem to be writing new policies in this area. I've gotta find something by early August...

I fished SC yesterday in my AI, launching at just after 6:00am, covering a hair under 9 miles in a tad over 5 hours. The weather was nice, and it was perfect sail trolling conditions, with only 1 hour where my sails were furled and I was supplying all of the trolling power.

Fishing-wise, it was slow early, but there seemed to be a solid bite for at least the last 90 minutes I was on the water. I got a fair number of blues and olives, with a couple of the blues being plus-sized. I tossed them all back, as I was after big game, and I had my chance...

I was out in deeper water than I'd usually troll, and hooked into something hefty, hefty, hefty. I had a ton of line out, as I was trolling pretty fast, and that was the only way I could keep it near the bottom. After about 10 minutes of back-and-forth, I thought I finally had it under control, but it decide otherwise, and made a strong run, got to the bottom, and broke off my leader. What a bummer! I'm not sure what it was either---usually, after that length of time it would be clear whether it was a halibut or lingcod or whatever, but I didn't get a clear feel, so it'll forever be a mystery.

Btw, the otolith lady was at the dock when I landed. I asked if she'd seen many exotic deep-water rockfish, and she said only a few so far, and mentioned Green Spotted RF and Greenblotched RF. Imagine trying to distinguish between those two...

Anyways, sailing back to the harbor was the highlight of the day, and it almost made up for the lost lunker. Almost.

Here's a long, boring sailing video, with me jabbering nonsense much of the way...

Yesterday was the first time in a couple of eons that I had my AI on the water. I've done a lot of minor mods, and was sure that something would be off kilter, so it was more of a shakedown cruise than anythings. Anyways, here are a few details...

I was up by 4:15 and left home at 4:30, only to find construction traffic on 17. Once I got to the harbor, I noticed that there were no other boats launching or having launched. I took my time, and after I launched, I realized that I'd forgotten to prep my jib sail properly so I headed back to the dock (fortunately, I was not even out of the harbor when I remembered).

There was absolutely no wind when I finally made it out of the harbor at almost 6:00am. It was overcast with cool air temps, and the water was cold, at 53 degrees. After pedaling out to 35 fow, the wind picked up to where it was enough for reasonable sail-trolling (5+ knots wind, I'd guess). The wind was pretty much straight out of the west, and I wanted to go that direction, so I started trolling and tacking back and forth. That's when I realized that I'd forgotten my daggerboard, which reduces sideways slippage, and helps a lot with that kind of sailing. That was annoying, but regardless, I was puttering along at about 1.5 mph, which would be pretty much my consistent speed all morning.

It seemed to take forever to get to the wharf and a second forever to get to Steamer Lane. I made it about as far as Mitchell's Cove and out to about 65 fow. To that point, I'd only landed a couple of small blue rockfish (released), and in spite of there being abundant bait, my sabiki had only managed a couple of anchovies.  By then, I was cold, and getting bored with the slow, slow sailing/fishing, so I turned directly towards shore, and cruised at about 4 mph in to about 30 fow. I left my line in the water, as I was heading towards shore, and I somehow hooked a speedy 20" lingcod.

I then did a long slow stroll thru the halibut zone until I was past the harbor entrance with no success. Then I turned to the harbor and was able to briefly reach sailing speed of almost 6 mph, which was a nice way to end a slow fishing day. I was back in the harbor by shortly before noon.

There was a bit of a swell early in the morning, and that was probably the main reason for the lack of fish activity. That settled down later in the morning. There were a couple of kayakers around the wharf area as I was coming back in, and at the dock, I met another kayaker who I'd talked to a couple of times last year. The fish survey people were at the dock, and they said nobody had come in with halibut or anything too exciting by that point.

Fish Talk / Pacific halibut in the Monterey Bay?
« on: May 27, 2023, 07:01:51 AM »
There is a picture on Bayside Marine (https://www.baysidemarinesc.com/) of "Brian with a 37 Lb. Pacific Halibut caught in the deep water!" I'm sure they are not common here, but maybe there are a few around in the "deep water".

Would it be worth trying to target them? If so, how deep is deep, and what else would you look for in trying to zero in on an ideal location?

Does it become a hovercraft, like this SUP?


Hobie Kayaks / Opinions on Hobie cradles?
« on: May 10, 2023, 08:24:04 PM »
I've got a set of Hobie AI cradles, and was going to use them on my recent trailer re-build. But, I decided to stay with the PVC bunks I'd been using, mostly because I saw a lot of negative comments about the cradles on the Hobie forum.

The cradles I've got are probably pretty old (I got them 2nd or 3rd hand). They seem to be of sturdy fiberglass construction, and they look very good to me. I'm guessing that at some point, Hobie might have started using some weaker/cheaper plastic construction, and that could be the source of the reported problems.

Anyways, if you've had any positive or negative experience with the Hobie cradles, I'd like to hear about it...

Places to Launch and Camp / Car camping near SF?
« on: March 28, 2023, 07:45:18 PM »
I’ve got a rare opportunity to multitask this Friday, with some shore fishing in the AM then touristy stuff with the family in SF for the rest of the day. So I’m looking for some place to car camp (literally, “camping” in my car) Thursday night. Ideally, it would be sort of somewhere between San Jose (or Santa Cruz) and SF, safe, quiet, and a slight downhill slope would be the icing on the cake.

Let me know if you have any suggestions—PM me if it is a secret…

It seems like a lot of surfers sleep in their cars along highway 1 outside of town, but is it legal to sleep in a car in town, say, close to the harbor? My car is small, but actually comfortable for sleeping. So, I was thinking I might sleep near the harbor to avoid waking up my family (and others in my neighborhood) when I leave at 4:00am…

General Talk / Paging Hank Hill…
« on: March 14, 2023, 12:43:48 PM »
We’ve got 3 propane tanks, each 120 gallons—the kind that look like Minions, if you paint them yellow. They are connected together and all valves are open. We’ve got a 2-stage regulator system.

The tank attached to the regulator is below 20%, and when that happens, there does not seem to be enough pressure to run the generator, which is about 25’ away (1.25” pipe). Oddly, the tankless water heater does not complain, and it’s further downstream than the generator. Propane deliveries are backed up, so not sure when we can get a refill.

It seems that I should be able to increase the pressure at the red (high pressure) regulator. To do this, I believe I’d remove the black cap and turn the valve thingy clockwise to increase the pressure.

Let me know if this sounds reasonable. If so, how much should I turn the valve?

General Talk / In search of a lumberjack...
« on: February 25, 2023, 09:59:13 PM »
After our recent experience with dropping branches, I'd like to get about 10 trees cut down, of which 9 are Douglas fir, and 1 is a big redwood. I assume that the redwood tree is worth something, but I have no idea how much. It's even in a pretty accessible location, about 30 yards from our drive, on the uphill side. The neighbors had one redwood taken down and processed, but it wasn't nearly as big, and they kept most of the lumber to build their deck.

Anyways, if anybody knows anything about this sort of thing, let me know.

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