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Topic: ???'s for GPS users  (Read 963 times)

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rustic andy

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Hello all,

I am interested in getting a GPS to mark reefs and also for launch points in case the fog drops.  I would like to mark all of the reefs that are producing fish as I go around, and easily access the locations gained from earlier trips while on the H20.  Forgive my ignorance, but are GPS units useful for this??   If I dropped multiple "waypoints" (ling or halibut hookups)from multiple trips on a favorite site/map overlay, would they be visible, or are the results from only one trip available at a time while tracking/retracing a single route?  Maybe I'm unclear on the concept here!  Any guidance is most appreciated before plunking down hard earned $$$ for this new toy.  :smt003 :smt003

Thanks in advance for the tips!!

Rustic Andy


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You have it right Andy... you can easily mark as you go.  Your waypoints will get a numerical value (sequential) that you can quickly save and go back later and save the ones you want to save, toss the ones that you don't want, rename them, add notes, etc.  I do this all the time.
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In addition, most software accompanying for the computer will allow you upload and save sets of waypoints, tracks, and other data to files if you like, so you can plan trips, add/edit/delete wayppoints, download specifc sets of waypoints and maps. The new top-end Garmin handhelds have removeable microSD cards (a 1GB costs about $45 at Fry's Electronics). Some Magellan models do as well (different form factor card though). You can get marine, topographic, and city maps for major units so you can use the GPS on the road to get there, on the water for navigation, and for camping as well.

I am partial to Garmin, but Magellan and Lowrance make good units and software as well.

You can spend a lot of money or a little or even buy on eBay. I use a 76CSx which Garmin designates as their marine handheld (waterproof, tidal stations, 18-hour battery life, removeable cards). Allen Bushnell has a combo VHF/GPS not sure of the brand or cost.