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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Hello and Question  (Read 267 times)

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Thank you to the organizers and to all the contributors who make this a great site for information on kayak fishing - fantastic!

Question: As a father with family time commitments, I am wondering how early one can reasonably launch (safely)  for kayak fishing if you are not in a protected Bay. I'd love to be able to get on the water at 5am, back at 7am, and home by 8am when my kids wake up but I think that's probably not reasonable (or potentially safe). Visibility and sharks are both a concern. Sunrise is 624am these days so is that a reasonable time to launch? I usually kayak along the coast south of half moon bay...

Any thoughts are welcome! Thanks and see you on the water!  http://www.norcalkayakanglers.com/Smileys/Lots_O_Smileys/006.gif


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I supposed it is possible, but I have never done it myself, just seems too short of a window for kayak launch and fishing (at least for me anyway).  Perhaps to maximize fishing time, you can go close to shore (i.e. ARW, Oyster Point).  I am a worrier, so I always take my time to make sure all gears are in place, so it always take me awhile before I launch. 

As for shark, I don't worry too much about them inside the bay (anywhere inward of Alcatraz), but that's just me.  Not sure about HMB, maybe others can chime in?

When it's dark, safety is first.  Make sure you have marine lights so others can see you, especially power boats (PBs).  The PBs are on the water with the same goals with you, catch fish during the right times, so always be on the lookout for them.  This the light set that I have, haven't failed me yet (https://www.walmart.com/ip/Attwood-Marine-Telescoping-Portable-Bow-and-Stern-Clamp-On-Light/50819778).  You can catch it around $20-$25 with sale, coupons, etc.   Also, it might be obvious to some, but be sure to have lights so you can setup your gear and see your way to the launch ramp.  Some day, it would surprise you how many people are trying to do the same thing you do, other days, you are the only one on the ramp.

I think your best bet is always to have a buddy with complete safety gear, and lights of course  :smt001

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Nothing says you can't launch in darkness if the conditions permit it... as long as you have lighting.  Prep your gear by headlamp and wait for daybreak. Officially, sunrise is listed at a specific time, but the sky gets nice a bright well before the sun rises over the horizon.  You'll find that there are lots of folks that meet the morning while paddling out.
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Thanks guys - really appreciate the input. I will definitely purchase a set of running lights. I also work at Oyster Point which would make it really easy for me to execute on the idea prior to getting to the office. Better get rigged up for halibut!!!