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Safety First / Re: Paddle float self rescue video for large SOTs
« on: June 21, 2022, 09:43:16 AM »
i think if there were two kayaks it would be so easy.  you can toe hook the rescue kayak and "plank"your self out and slide back in.

Safety First / Hydration
« on: June 21, 2022, 08:54:56 AM »
something mental about being on the water, surrounded by water.  i never feel thirsty.  just me.

i almost have to remember and force myself to drink.  i also keep a quality thermos in my truck full of ice water.  it is nice to drink a frigid water at the end of the day, on the commute home.  on the kayak, i have adapted a bladder system.  it is the insulated Camelback bag i use to take on backpack hunting trips.  i can just reach back grab the hose and take a big gulp of icy water.  the insulation is sucky,, by the end of the day all the ice cubes are melted but the water is still on the cool side.

and.  i have quit drinking coffee on the commute to fish.  as a largemouth bass fisherman primarily, the first morning "yank" of my bait wakes me up 100% anyways.  i dont seem to need the coffee.  i drink a nalgene bottle of water on the drive in. 

i had heat exhaustion once after fishing and i had to pull over in the truck to not pass out.  it was weird.  took about one hours of sipping water to feel well enough to drive.  i probably wasnt gonna pass out, but i got this weird dizzy sensation.

For Sale / Re: FREE - Fish finder. Sonoma Wine Country.
« on: June 20, 2022, 02:17:28 PM »
This guy would never ghost anyone lol.  I'll get in touch to arrange pickup and thanks so much for your generosity.

thanks G!  quick and painless handoff.  always appreciated.

enjoy!  the FF is gone folks.  thanks for looking.

For Sale / Re: FREE - Fish finder. Sonoma Wine Country.
« on: June 20, 2022, 10:47:46 AM »
I'd love to have it if it's still available.

its yours!

if this guy ghosts me: I'll keep it up.  I'll give Smow a few days :)

CA Regulations / Re: Desert Tortoise
« on: June 20, 2022, 08:00:16 AM »
just realized all your post are in a question and then answer format!

I love the Desert Tortoise.  I'd have one if I could find a legal one.  my friend had two, and they were so cool.  I love how they dont get giant like a spur-thighed.  I had one of those and it ended up in a zoo. 

really cool animal.  I have never seen one in the wild, and I've tried.

For Sale / FREE - Fish finder. Sonoma Wine Country.
« on: June 20, 2022, 07:54:24 AM »
I have an extra.  I dont hoard, so it has to go. friend gave it to me, so I am paying it forward.  with gas prices, figured someone might need a freebie to ease the pain.

the deal.  pick it up please.  I used to mail things until I realized I was losing money in shipping. duh.  I am in Santa Rosa.  if you want to pay shipping, we can talk :)

I have NOT opened the box.  I was told it works.  I did not confirm it it is all there, but my friend said it is complete.  comes with the mount shown.  no battery included.

it is a Garmin Striker.  (I should open the box to inventory contents, I know..but I am busy working from home.)


I've been killing them at Clearlake. 

Yup, Alberto is quick and easy. I like the glue idea I may try that. Any brand suggestion?

I'm using Loon Outdoors - Knot Sense.  seems okay.

I can do the FG knot easy in my garage.  finishing the knot is always a crap shoot.  I only bass fish and that FG knot banging and grinding thru my guides will sometimes loosen up the tag end. 

now the Alberto is the knot I use while I am bobbing up and down in my kayak, about to be blown into the trees.  its fast and easy.  got me thinking.  shouldn't I always use the knot I can tie best?  YES!  the answer is always yes.

I am headed out to a lake tomorrow, and I had to retie a few leaders.  I went with Mr. Alberto.  then inspiration struck.  I have a tube of fly fishing line glue.  it cures pliable with UV light.  instead of saliva, I lubed the knot with the glue and cinched it down tight.  whoa!!  it is going nowhere.  tiny and tight.  it is a very compact knot and with the glue, it shouldn't ever unravel even a little bit.

my glued knot.

Hobie Kayaks / Re: 2021 OB cracked hull
« on: May 26, 2022, 05:16:16 PM »
DarthBaiter,...that is one of my go-to nicknames for anything requiring a nickname. Cheers to you good sir.

Got hooked up with the new hull just last week and got her out on the water for a shakedown cruise before a raft of planned Kokanee hunts. Same color hull, same everything. Windtoys took care of me,...I highly recommend their services!

As far as the crack,...I have no idea what caused it. I do use my boat,...a lot. I'm not the smallest or fattest, but I am a big dude. All well within the ranges Hobie suggests for the Outback. I'm unable to stand due to a past knee injury (although the seat riser kit + stand assist rope might/will help - haven't installed on this boat yet).

I'm afraid all I can figure is that each boat is unique, and some will just fail over time. Hobie's storage standards have nothing to do with the best way to store the boat. Those standards exist to nullify warranties. No way did storing my yak on flexible PVC bunks cause this crack - and if that is somehow what happened, Hobie has bigger issues with their production line pumping out supremely overpriced weakened products prone to fail. The warranty exists as a catch all. Therefore, catchall em right back. When you request a warranty claim on the hull, the first of a few questions they ask you is 'how is the kayak stored', 'how is the kayak transported'.

Hobie knows exactly how its customers use their boats. The kayaks are so fucking heavy empty, when loaded down they are obscene. We deal with the weight by engineering our own methods of storage, transport, setup/takedown and so on. Hardly any of the modifications we make on our kayaks abide by the factory warranties, and in fact most of the mods we make that require drilling or other alterations to the hull void the whole thing. If you have landing gear installed on an Outback, even if the crack isn't at the attachment point, I'd dam near bet my life Hobie will void your warranty, because they will claim landing gear put too much stress on a fully loaded down Outback. And they're probably right, it wasn't designed for that. But y'no what pisses me off? $3600 for a super heavy boat, with no fucking solutions on how to transport that do not void their warranty. With all their experts, why don't they already have an engineered solution for landing gear styled wheels? I can bitch forever about Hobie,...but I still love my Outback way too much to quit it. It's the perfect trolling machine for me. I love it. The company? They can eat a bag of,...


I love my Outback, and so will you. Don't let this scare you away from one. Just be smarter than my dumbass. Thankfully social medias saved my bacon.

this thread made me pull out my Outback.  I stuck my hand into the hull and there are two big foam supports under that area where you have the crack.  mine are not tight and really wobble.  I took some computer shipping foam, which is the same exact stuff, and pushed it onto of the OEM foam.  things tightened up.  the only load I can see that would crack like that is standing up, which you said you dont do.

either way, glad Billy help make you whole.  I bought mine from Billy as well. 

Hobie Kayaks / Re: 2021 OB cracked hull
« on: May 25, 2022, 11:22:58 AM »
to avoid editing a report I took the time to read this entire thread.  effen scary.

I also have a new Hobie Outback.  same color as the OP.  I can't even imagine the loading at that location that would cause that crack.  maybe the weight of the paddler pushing down at the localized area?  or standing up and having the weight push down right there?  I dont get it. 

I am glad the OP found a amicable resolution and sorry it took so much effort.  I too am a huge fan of Billy at Windtoys.  he is very reasonable.  I store my kayak per kayak standards.  upside down supported in two places.  but my wife just moved the car, and I am going to flip it and look at the same location. 

very perplexing.

For Sale / Re: Powerpole micro FS Complete!!
« on: May 15, 2022, 08:15:39 AM »

help me.  how much was that brand new?  yesterday, i was WISHING for that exact setup!! i'm trying to gauge the savings.  i know ZIP about them.

Dang!  Did this sell?

What kayak did you mount it to?

General Talk / Re: Spring Lake isnít looking so goodÖ
« on: February 15, 2022, 08:50:10 PM »
I fished it a few weeks ago.  Caught a five pound bass. 

Itís grown more now.  They will skim the surface this spring. I imagine it will be great fishing then. The grass wonít grow like last year because itís shaded with the weed.

My transducer pocket was completely packed in.

I got the bucket as a gift.  It doesnít seem to fit all that great. I see the advantages of not having stuff roll around the hill.  But my boat is pretty dry inside even in rougher water, or my hose downs.  The lids struggles to go over the lip of the bucket insert. 

Will this encourage leaks?   I suppose o could unroll my garden hose and try it.

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