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Safety First / Hydration
« on: June 21, 2022, 08:54:56 AM »
something mental about being on the water, surrounded by water.  i never feel thirsty.  just me.

i almost have to remember and force myself to drink.  i also keep a quality thermos in my truck full of ice water.  it is nice to drink a frigid water at the end of the day, on the commute home.  on the kayak, i have adapted a bladder system.  it is the insulated Camelback bag i use to take on backpack hunting trips.  i can just reach back grab the hose and take a big gulp of icy water.  the insulation is sucky,, by the end of the day all the ice cubes are melted but the water is still on the cool side.

and.  i have quit drinking coffee on the commute to fish.  as a largemouth bass fisherman primarily, the first morning "yank" of my bait wakes me up 100% anyways.  i dont seem to need the coffee.  i drink a nalgene bottle of water on the drive in. 

i had heat exhaustion once after fishing and i had to pull over in the truck to not pass out.  it was weird.  took about one hours of sipping water to feel well enough to drive.  i probably wasnt gonna pass out, but i got this weird dizzy sensation.

For Sale / FREE - Fish finder. Sonoma Wine Country.
« on: June 20, 2022, 07:54:24 AM »
I have an extra.  I dont hoard, so it has to go. friend gave it to me, so I am paying it forward.  with gas prices, figured someone might need a freebie to ease the pain.

the deal.  pick it up please.  I used to mail things until I realized I was losing money in shipping. duh.  I am in Santa Rosa.  if you want to pay shipping, we can talk :)

I have NOT opened the box.  I was told it works.  I did not confirm it it is all there, but my friend said it is complete.  comes with the mount shown.  no battery included.

it is a Garmin Striker.  (I should open the box to inventory contents, I know..but I am busy working from home.)

I can do the FG knot easy in my garage.  finishing the knot is always a crap shoot.  I only bass fish and that FG knot banging and grinding thru my guides will sometimes loosen up the tag end. 

now the Alberto is the knot I use while I am bobbing up and down in my kayak, about to be blown into the trees.  its fast and easy.  got me thinking.  shouldn't I always use the knot I can tie best?  YES!  the answer is always yes.

I am headed out to a lake tomorrow, and I had to retie a few leaders.  I went with Mr. Alberto.  then inspiration struck.  I have a tube of fly fishing line glue.  it cures pliable with UV light.  instead of saliva, I lubed the knot with the glue and cinched it down tight.  whoa!!  it is going nowhere.  tiny and tight.  it is a very compact knot and with the glue, it shouldn't ever unravel even a little bit.

my glued knot.

I got the bucket as a gift.  It doesnít seem to fit all that great. I see the advantages of not having stuff roll around the hill.  But my boat is pretty dry inside even in rougher water, or my hose downs.  The lids struggles to go over the lip of the bucket insert. 

Will this encourage leaks?   I suppose o could unroll my garden hose and try it.

General Fishing Tips / who are our off shore fishing guides?
« on: December 02, 2021, 01:00:09 PM »
admittedly, i am fairly nervous about any ocean adventure.  but i do want to try it.  i dont want to invest in all the gear (radio and stuff)  only to discover i have an abnormal fear of all things "sharks"  (just an example, i am not afraid of shark..now bigfoot?!)  and never go again.

i am super comfy in freshwater lakes of all sizes.

i think a guide might be a good first few outings options.  someone to show me the correct and safe ways of doing things.  and how to catch a rockfish. 

thanks for the help.  maybe next season!!

General Fishing Tips / When do you upgrade kayaks?
« on: October 31, 2021, 04:14:33 PM »
Iím in a quandary.  I currently use a Hobie Compass. I primarily bass fish.  Smaller lakes as well as some of our local NorCal reservoirs. I do fine. I have fun. Plenty of fun.   Since buying the Comoass Iíve been fishing a lot.  1-3 trips weekly. I collects zero cobwebs and dust.

I thought I wanted a PA-12-360.  Then i piloted my friends.  Itís gigantic and Iíd say itís slow feeling. I help him move his kayak around and imagine horking it solo. Itís tiring to imagine. It might actually be too much kayak.  But itís nice walking around on top. I can face sideways in calm waters.

Moving up to an Outback is pretty attractive.  Better fish dedicated features. New transducer hole allows side-imaging. Way better storage and tool layout.  I like how you can lower the seat on the fly if the water gets too choppy. I can also stand on an Outback. I heard stability is the same with my boat.  And pedaling side by side  with a friend his (Outback)seems plenty fast. I know my Comoass is fast. .  I know I can sell my Compass.

Itís difficult separating from my money. Haha.

(Oh, I like the option of attaching a motor to the back, should I start fishing tournaments).

I have friends that get a new kayak every two years. Eek. Not an option for me.

General Talk / Anyone transporting Hobie kayak on a Prius?
« on: September 25, 2021, 07:57:24 PM »
Gas prices. Sheesh.

Roof topping a relatively heavier kayak on a Prius an option?  Figure a Thule or Yakima rack system with padded crossbars.  Keep it simple.


Hobie Kayaks / so i glued the Burly Pro keel gaurd on my Hobie Compass.
« on: August 23, 2021, 02:35:21 PM »
just wanted to put this out there, because i could have done a better job.  i used the GOOP marine adhesive.

i dry fitted the parts and outlined the area with a gray-silver sharpie marker - Check.
taped off the area around with blue painters tape - check.
sanded it down with a patch of 200 grit paper i had laying around - check
sanded down the inside of the keel guard - check.
wiped everything down with a generous splash of isoproply alcohol - check.
put on nitrile gloves.  kayak was upside down on saw horses.

i put on the glue genrously down the spine of the kayak.  then went around the inside perimeter of the guard.   let things set up about 2-minutes, pressed it on with my hand and clamped it with a large carpenters clamp.  success!  NOOOO.. goop is slippery and it kept slipping forwards. 

trust me, now is not the time to figure out how to attach straps.  i managed to go around the two pegs that hold my trampaline storage net in place and tighten the cam strap to pull the keel guard back.  then my clamp held it down.  it was very dicey at that point.

the BETTER WAY is to have the kayak on the ground rightside up.   nose up on a garbage can or something while you sand, wipe, tape, etc.  kayak cart or the back of the kayak up on blocks.  then when you glue it together you put the nose down on the ground add some weight to the kayak nose and let GRAVITY clamp it together while it dries.    i let it go for 4 days.  then i rubbed, scraped, peeled off the extra adhesive.  i taped everything back up only exposeing the seam.  i added more GOOP and then wiped it smooth with a nitrile gloved finger.  let it set up slightly and then pulled the tape off.  the seam is now sealed from grit and water intrusion. 


General Fishing Tips / Fishing Kayak paddles.
« on: April 07, 2021, 09:04:35 PM »
I use the bone stock Hobie paddle that came with my boat. It feels short to me.  Iíve gotten to where I can stand up and paddle.   Itís a Hobie compass.

Whatís the paddle length?   I assume itís cm from end to end?  (Iíll pull a tape measure)

Well itís not really about length. The other day I snapped a line and left my expensive jerk bait stuck in a tree about five feet down.  I tried to knock it loose hoping it floats.  I was thinking , ďwhy isnít there a neat notch on the paddle?Ē Befell just I want a fishing kayak paddle.   I recovered it.

Iím thinking about the bending branches angler Ace.  I was in a weedy lake today and my mirage drive was useless.  A better paddle seems like good money spent.


General Fishing Tips / Red flag on long truck bed loads.
« on: April 06, 2021, 08:10:43 AM »
I got some serious mileage from a bag I got from some Mexican Tamale shop.  Quality bag!   My first half wore out after 8 months.  I treated it badly.  I would forget to take if off and simply drag it around in the water for 8 hour days.  Running onto a beach?  It took the brunt. I would tuck it under the keel to minimize the abrasion on my my kayak while I load. The sun started to fade it.  The handle finally tore.  Like an idiot I was standing on it when I lifted my kayak (one too many times).   Sunday was garage spring cleaning. I found the second half!  I trimmed it up and now I have a fresh flag.

Now I have to go buy more tamales :)

My wife bought several backyard patio umbrellas.  Bright red ones.  Made from a material called SUNBRELLA (or something). Totally fade resistant, and heavy duty.  Cutting a square out would not be acceptable- I asked. Iím looking for fabric swatches..that would be cool.

You all using an official flag?  Or just flying a red tube sock?

My kayak:  the Hobie Compass.

I can stand up with (some) effort.  I get that ďwhoa!Ē Feeling when Iím up.  Precarious  describes it well. The seat is pretty low and getting my feet under me isnít possible.  Yesterday I wasnít thinking about it at all. Why?  The bass were on beds!  I was up easily. I just push up with one arm off the backrest. Once up it was pretty easy. Knees slightly bent. I hope it gets easier and easier.  I was paddling with my paddle while standing.  Like a paddle board.  Looking for bass! 

Amazing what you can accomplish if you force your mind out of the way. I could cast and pitch a lure.  Iím not comfy setting the hook. I sit down quickly. Haha.

Practice makes perfect?  I hope so.

Safety First / How big of a wave will flip my Hobie?
« on: March 24, 2021, 02:31:32 PM »
Yesterday I was scared.  Way beyond my comfort zone.  I fished Lake Comanche and my weather App lied to me. I got caught in a surprise HUGE wind-event.  I had to get out of the narrows but that was it. I found a beach and took it in. Man, I thought I was gonna flip.  It came close, I think.  I had my PFD cinched tight, so I donít think I was looking at death, but saying it was a bad situation was an understatement.    I would estimate waves (whitecaps for sure)at 4-5 footers.  Maybe smaller.  I wasnít thinking about the waves.

I pulled my kayak up a small rock shelf and took out all the gear. I hauled it up a hillside and made subsequent trips to run my gear up.  I then went for a walk to get my truck.

This took a bit of the shine out of my kayak fishing, no doubt. But I do know Iíll be much more careful next time.  Iíll head in at the first sign of trouble.   Just what wave will flip a kayak?

We did well yesterday.  Bass were fairly cooperative. Go get em.

General Talk / about two more weeks of work..then>>>!
« on: February 24, 2021, 07:54:21 AM »
i am taking one month vacation.  solo.  my wife is a covid nurse, so she cannot attend.

mixed bag of fun with a "hall pass" clutched in my hands.

my agenda is to fish.  i will hit up some of the Mother Lode lakes.  New Melones, Comanche, etc.  the Delta?  yup.  watching the winds and tides.  Clearlake and Berryessa?  sure, why not?

hopefully i can mix in a motorcycle camping trip/tour.

my friend bought a boat, so rockfishing April - i will stalk that guy with boat gas money in my pocket :) 

i already cleared a spot on the side of my house and installed a new and secure AND WIDER opening gate.  i dont think i will even put my kayak up.  just push it there and padlock it.  hose it down, and charge the batteries.

when i get back i will be tasked with moving a section of HWY 1 that keeps sliding into the ocean, about 200 yards to the east.  lots of work and stress.  life as i know and love will end. :(  (okay, i am being a drama queen)

General Fishing Tips / Hobie cart wheels?
« on: January 25, 2021, 02:34:33 PM »
I have the lighter weight cart for my Hobie.   I have a few largemouth fishing spots that will require some vigorous energy to access.  No rough stuff, but some longer trails.

Are the cart themselves identical?  Only the wheels are different?!

The heavy duty cart is $200++.  Just buying new wheels for my cart will only be $100ish.

The carts the same?  Any Home Depot wheel options?

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