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For Sale / Free: Water Cooler
« on: May 11, 2022, 06:41:48 PM »
A little dirty, but otherwise fine.  Good for kids soccer games and mixing jungle juice (but not at  both at the same time).

~20 inches tall.

Will trade for a good fish story.

Pickup in Mountain View/Los Altos area.

(Is it obvious that I am cleaning my garage?)

For Sale / For Sale: Dakine Fishbag/Backpack
« on: May 11, 2022, 03:34:56 PM »
Never used.  Too be honest, I found it a little bulky for kayak.  Has backback straps and would be great for short hike to carry beers and cold lunch.


Pickup in Mountain View/Los Altos area.

For Sale / For Sale: suspenz kayak cart
« on: May 11, 2022, 03:31:16 PM »
Lightly used.  Not sure what exact model.  Top bar is ~17 inches across.


Pickup in Mountain View/Los Altos area.

For Sale / * SOLD * Cannon Lake Troll Downrigger for Sale
« on: October 16, 2021, 02:06:12 PM »

Never used.  All mounting hardware included, but it is missing the rod holder that can be mounted behind.


Hoping against hope that someone picked up a lonely set of Hobie beach wheels and wants to return them. Left right in the grass in front of parking lot.  (Not the first time I have left something behind, but certainly the most expensive mistake.)

Fished with Nolan, Greg, and Brian out of Moss yesterday.  We launched at 6:30 to no wind and just a small swell. We fished the edge of the canyon straight out and then more northern finger for absolutely nothing.  Not even a bump.  There was sporadic bait on the FF, but no birds and only 2 whales that we saw cruising by.

After about 10 miles of paddling we were heading in, and I was getting tired, so I pulled up my down-rigger and put a 10oz torpedo in front of my triangular flasher and FBR with a big herring.  5 minutes later and BANG, fish on.  I can tell right away that it is big.  It is peeling drag and shaking.  I give him the pedal drag treatment and he does a few short runs and I can't really gain any line on him as the pedaling and its weight is right at my drag limit.  After about 10 minutes, the fish isn't doing any more runs, but is still very heavy.  I stop pedaling and start working on gaining some line.  When he gets near the boat, I see a big flash of purplish green and think that it is sea bass.  It still wants to sit really deep and is pretty active, twisting and turning near the boat and I get a better look and confirm that it is a Chinook, with a colorful (and big) back.

Trying not to panic, I work it to both side of the boat a couple of times, but it keeps pulling just a bit of line and heading down as I am trying to get the net into position.  Nolan is watching from nearby and has offered to net a couple of times and on the third ask, I swallow my pride and say yes, "please help"!  First pass by we don't quite line things up, but on the second pass, I  get the fish up and into his net.  It's a beast, furiously flopping, and I end up grabbing the far side of the hoop and we hoist it out of the water together with a holler.

37 inches, 25.5 lbs (bled but not gutted).

General Talk / Chipped holes in Hobie Mirage Drive
« on: September 21, 2020, 12:04:33 PM »
Have chipped the holes where the arms in my Hobie mirage drive 180 clip into the hub.  Not once, but twice.  My son chipped the drive the second time, after only a couple of hours of use with the new hub.

There are probably two "user" related issues here.  First, both my son and I tend to pedal hard when going from point A to point B. A little bit of glide after each stroke would probably be much easier on the drive, and likely much more efficient.  The bigger issue is that my son pedaled with the drive incorrectly seated in the mount points, leaning just a tad bit to the right.  He only did this for about 30 minutes before discovering the error, and getting it properly clipped in.  More than the first issue, I bet this contributed to the quick failure.

The problem with the chip is that the arm wont stay seated in the hole -- it pops out after a few pedals.

I can jury-rig a solution my wrapping the arm with heavy duty picture wire, tying into to adjacent holes in the hub.  But I don't think there is any proper home repair that I can do -- no epoxy it going to stand up to the stress in that spot.

Curious if others have experienced this specific failure?  Found any solutions?

For Sale / *SOLD* - Tandem/Single Kayak $200 (Convertible Brusurf)
« on: October 13, 2019, 08:57:08 AM »

My starter kayak, purchased used from HMB Kayaks last year.  If you have a kids the flexibility of going single or tandem can be really useful.  In addition to the built-in rod-holders, has two scotty mounts.  Out of the hatches needs its latch fixed, only one paddle available, and it has some scratches that I would call regular wear a tear.

If you know someone looking for an inexpensive starter 'yak, PM me.  Pickup would be on Peninsula.

I might also accept trade for fishing gear, rods and/or reels are most likely to interest me.

Just decided that I will haul my kayak up to south Tahoe area for planned family trip.

I have been almost exclusively a saltwater guy since I started last year, so I am combing the website for advice.  Lots of good stuff.  Looks like I will be jigging for macks and maybe trolling for kokes.  If anyone has recent intel or advice specific to this time of year and/or the heavy snowfall this winter, please share.  Would be especially happy for a hookup so someone could show be the ropes.

I think I will be fishing California side of lake Tahoe, but I have all week, so excursions further afield (Fallen Leaf and others) are possible.  Reading up on the inspection process....

Hobie Outback with FF.  Safety first on cold water so it is full wetsuit, radio, etc....

I boated 3 barely legal halibut at OP last Sunday (6/9).  First kayak halibuts for me!  I only kept two as I was hoping for something better than 22 1/4 and 22 1/2, but, really, two that size are enough for the reluctant fish eaters in my family.

Crummy twice-refrozen anchovies and herring with no flasher.  15 - 25 FOW more or less straight out and a bit north of the marina.  On the water at 5:45 and off by 10, in time for pool party in the afternoon.  Not a bad Sunday!

Just a general reminder to everyone to stay safe.

Monday 4/1 forecast at HMB looked really nice.  1-3ft W sell ~15 seconds, 1-2ft swell SSW ~15 seconds.
When I went out the jaws around 7 am, the period on the west swells was much tighter, and a bit bigger.  Not quiet the glass I had hoped, and I ended up wishing I had taking my Dramamine.  There were occasional 6 footers rolling through.  There were a few periods during the morning where things settled down nicely.

Around noon, I headed back to pull my traps, and then fished off the south jetty as I headed up towards the jaws.  A really big set rolled through with little warning.  At least a couple of 8 footers (maybe even 10 ft), and a few swells that overlapped.  I was far enough off the jetty and facing the swells, so it wasn't a big deal, but closer to the jetty or unaware and it might have been less fun.  I image that west/north jetty and areas around Kings Rock were pretty dicey.

NOAA did have a "sneaker wave" warning in effect.  Also, talked to one kayaker who said harbor master had gotten on the radio to let folks know that big waves were not unexpected.

I only started last year, and I suspect this is just "business as usual" for northern California, but wanted to share.

Introductions / Handle Change, OmegaTCB becomes TommyTwoFish
« on: September 18, 2018, 09:33:42 AM »
OmegaTCB is my lame, generic cross-forum name.  Not sure if I have really earned a yak name yet, but given that I have managed to catch a grand total of two salmon this year, I'm changing my handle to TommyTwoFish.

Looking forward to meeting people at SimplyFishing.


Weather looks a little too rough for another kayak try on the 4th, but if the fish are still in the area, I don't want to miss out.

A few calls shows everything as booked, so I though I would check if anyone on the board has an inside track to anything out of Half Moon Bay, or advice on getting onto one last minute.  HMB is closest to me, but I will probably check other ports as well.  Prefer smaller boats with more of a DIY feel than the big party boats.

Anyway, let me know if you have advice or an inside track on spots on a boat.


Introductions / New Kayak Fishing, Maybe this weekend
« on: June 27, 2018, 12:54:06 PM »
(Posted on that pinned thread, but now I see that separate topic is what most are doing.  Guess this ends up being one more post on my way to 10....)

Screen name: OmegaTCB
Real name: Thomas

Will add a pic later.

Tried kayak fishing about 10 years ago with college friend on Monterey Bay and Half Moon Bay.  Got pretty wet and had zero bites, but it was still one of my all time favorite fishing trips.  Not sure why I haven't tried it since.

Going to see if I can get my 12 and 13 year old boys interested.  Will look for a calm weekend, tandem rentals, and a good guide for Monterey.

This weekend (Saturday) looking like a good bet.  Read safety stuff -- won't do first excursion with my kids without a guide.  (I was younger and dumber 10 years ago).

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