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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Inland king salmon record shattered 20-plus pounder pulled from Trinity  (Read 377 times)

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Copied & Pasted from


The record for inland king salmon apparently was shattered Tuesday at Trinity Lake when Sally Nachreiner of Redding landed a 20.95 king while trolling near the dam.

The fish was weighed on a certified scale at Topís Supermarket in Weaverville and confirmed by California Department of Fish & Wildlife biologist Monte Currier. Paperwork has been completed and the record is pending.

The record category for inland king salmon was created by the CDFW in 2011. Fishing guide Mike Elster caught the first record fish on Sept. 6, 2011. He broke the record twice and has the current record of 11.3 pounds, caught Aug. 13, 2012.

The pending new record salmon was measured at 35-1/8 inches long and 22-3/4 inches around. It was brought to the Lewiston Mini-Mart to be weighed but bottomed out the 15 pound scale. It was then brought to the butcher shop at Topís.

Currier said scale samples will be taken so the age of the fish can be determined. Currier said little is known about how long inland salmon live. Scale samples from Elsterís previous record determined that fish was nearly four years old.


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I heard about this yesterday.  Crazy.  Someone must be bringing in salmon from the ocean or rivers. jk lol

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That's insane... Nearly doubled the record


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Is this record specific to lakes or something?

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Is this record specific to lakes or something?

Inland in this case probably means landlocked fish that were planted in lakes and never see the ocean.


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Unreal!!  I'd be stoked to hook into a landlocked 'nook over 5 pounds, but this fish takes it to another level.  Freakin' nuts!!
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