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Topic: O'neil forebay Friday  (Read 4444 times)

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A kayak mold is around $25000 at least that's what I've been told.
My ideal of a face lift  was a different kayak.
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$25000........that's loose change to Uncle Bill  :smt066

Bill, go ahead and sign the check....my kayak design is ready and waiting to be molded  :smt025


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I figured they're expensive, kayak molds might also require a high pressure injection system too.  

There are some things you could play with though, styrofoam is very easy to make - just throw the pellets  into a mold and heat it.  They puff up and fill the mold while adhering to eachother.  So it'd be relatively easy to make a solid kayak of styrofoam, perhaps in sections.  Just give it a couple coats of epoxy/fiberglass and it'd be bombproof.  Some epoxies melt styrofoam so it might need a primer...

My dad and a friend of his build woodstrip canoes with redwood and epoxy.  They take about 40-80 hours of work and $400 in materials, but when they're done they can be sold for $2500.  That's in minnesota, a nice redwood strip sea kayak might fetch twice that here.  You can add some pine strips and even splice strips together to make cool patterns on them, ect.  Once I have a yard I may give that a go myself.  I'd have to build some prototypes out of cheaper materials until I had a good design though, I doubt I'd hit it on the first try.  The most tooling intensive part of building these is a tablesaw to cut 16' #1 redwood boards ($40 a pop in CA, $80 in MN) into 1/8" strips.  Ideally you want a saw with the tinyest curf possible or your board ends up half sawdust.  Maybe you could build one with styrofoam strips...  99% of the strength is in the fiberglass anyway.
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Oh yeah no problem. I am writing the check now.

Sounds like it might be easier to work with the current makers of kayaks on your design Joel. If the mold is 25k the production of one is probably around 2k after all is said and done. So that is 27k for 1 kayak, that is one expensive  yak!


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....the voices in my head say...."if you build it....they will come (and buy it)"