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Launched first light hoping for a quick chrome pickup near the moorings but no luck, we peddled around the bait balls in the harbor but no action so continued down towards the CG buoy on a tip that bait was there and birds working. Made it down and saw some promising marks but no takers, maybe just one boat had lost a fish.

Later a boat called out some fish further south and the fleet (+rob) headed down there, (a 30# was later reported) we stuck near the beach and landed some hali, ling and RF. I lost a nice hali due to a missed gaff strike just taking the line out of its mouth :\

I wanted to find more bait to troll so I left my buddies at the beach and went straight out to 70' of water near the CG buoy again, promising marks and bait up top and bottom so I was trolling in between with a silver dodger and a cutplug. Wanted to check my rubber band so pulled up my gear and the nose of a large dark mass was swimming behind it. He swam under my yak and lined up next to me. Freaked out a bit I cant remember all that happened, just remember how dark his top was and he had a white scar on his dorsal fin. He was maybe just short of my outback but just as wide (10-12' x 3')... his topside was such a deep dark grey super unsettling to see that under the surface while watching my gear come up. Held my rod and cutplug with one hand and steered with my other and just kept slowly heading towards the beach. He followed for a bit then split off, the landlord just escorting me off his property, It actually played out very similar to that coho kids recent video of a shark checking him out. Didnt have the courage to get my camera out just focused on staying in the boat lol. I was a little shell shocked when I was retrieving my gear and would jump at the site of seaweed caught on my hooks.

Radio'd to my buddies what happened and that I was heading to them, probably sounded a lil choked up. Boaters were dicks humming the jaws soundtrack, my buddies were also dicks mocking my sun faded mango hobie that looks a little more yum yum yellow then it did 2 years ago. Just worked on breathing normal and slowing my heart rate down. I remember thinking that at 50 fow that he could just lunge up from the deep lol. Met them at 30 fow and felt safe near the coast, enough to continue fishing.

Exciting, 3/10 would not recommend.

Fishing Pics / Rock Fish Age from Otolith
« on: July 06, 2022, 11:41:17 AM »
When I caught my most recent monster Verm, my buddy at the beach suggested taking out the otoliths for keepsake.

I had heard about this but never attempted it. I followed this guide on removal and aging process:

I had trouble locating it so I ended up boiling the head and finding them after picking apart the brain. I was able to see how my brain spiking aim is as well so that was cool. I had broken one of the ear bones but the other was nicely in tact. I tried to count the rings on the in tact ear bone and only saw 6 so I figured the fish was 6 years old. But someone on fb suggested that was a little young for such a large fish. I then tried the other method of burning the broken piece and then using a little jewelers lens to count the rings and photograph it.

Eye opening experience on how old these fish are and maybe has shifted my views on take of rockfish. Perhaps leaving the larger monsters to swim as breeders and focusing on the tastier/cleaner 15-20" rockfish. This guy had nice fillets, but when you catch 100+ of these fish a year I dont think there's a need to always keep the big ones. Had a real moral dilemma looking at this (my fiancé is just calling me a pussy tho lol).

Super interesting little study maybe some of you will enjoy it or have done it before. I'm counting maybe 20- 22 rings. (rings form each winter like a tree, you can even tell el-nino years from low growth patterns)


AOTY / My first 200 point AOTY fish!
« on: May 15, 2022, 09:41:28 PM »
Got a Huge Cabazon this weekend on a keel jig with a shrimp fly teaser using my new SPJ rod. (Barbless hooks)

SOO much fun, this was the only fish that peeled line on that rod this weekend. I was able to dead lift him off the bottom and just reel down a couple cranks every time. Once he got halfway up he just fanned out causing huge drag but I steady retrieved and got him in the net. Huge light blue fillets and a melted crab in his stomach!

I had crimped my barbs because I was also looking for salmon as well but the noodle rod kept everything pinned pretty well, really awesome weekend on the lost coast and filling out my aoty roster, like 5 species from this trip alone.

Anyways fish of a life time for me, so glad to be on the salt again up north,

happy hunting!

Gearing Up and Rigging Up / Cheap stinger hooks
« on: April 12, 2022, 08:40:30 PM »
Some shrink wrap, hooks and 80lb poly cord for easy and cheap rockfish stinger hook setups.

I save all my nice Kevlar ones for tuna fishing, plus they are like 5 bucks a pop just for the hook! Rockfish cant chew through this poly cord luckily so i started just making a bunch of these on the cheap. I add some mini b2's and some of my jigs just have big siwashs under them.

So stoked for rockfish season, I cant wait to test my new SPJ rod!

For Sale / Gear sale up in Humboldt
« on: December 10, 2021, 11:31:44 AM »
If any1 is up in Norcal check out this stuff.

(avet/trevela combo looks pretty sweet)

He isnt willing to ship tho, wants to sell locally.


So I had a squeak for maybe a month in my drive, I beached my drive in sand the other day and then had a catastrophic drive failure in the back fin. Front fin still worked but the back had a crushed roller bearing under the cone and most of my teeth were stripped the instant it seized up. Had to paddle the outback... (its got a 3 year warranty and I am in the process w my hobie rep to get a replacement spine)

A buddy named Troy helped show me how to take it apart and put the roller bearings back in place but a couple were destroyed and I maybe had 3 teeth left and the drive would skip gears. I tried to peddle it like this and the rest of the teeth were quickly lost along with losing more rollers.

I couldn't find the correct replacement roller bearings and I kind of hate that design of plastic rollers that were pitting the plastic inside of that cone and the spine.

I found out that a 1" pvc pipe fits in there as a bushing. I cut a 1/4" thick ring of the pipe and a 1/4" of the bell end that the pipe fits into. I needed to reduce the size just a tiny bit so I snipped some of both pipes so that they could tighten a little more to fit around the spine, but still inside the cone.

I greased them up and am able to move the unit as it should for now, obviously not as smooth as the roller bearings but I think it should work fine enough until I get a replacement spine. during this process I also knocked out the roller bearings from the other side of the spine. These things are just a total pain in the ass to deal with, they are so tricky to get back in place, I ended up using some grease to hold them in place.

For the stripped gear, my buddy showed me that screws could be drilled into the spine to make teeth for the chain to engage with so I figured I would try that. I used a pilot hole while the chain was in place, and used some stainless steel screws. I backed the screws off, removed the chain, and sank the screws in farther and cut them off to act as teeth. Sanding them so there were no sharp edges.

I only replaced the three center teeth with screws, with a gap of chain in between them. This leaves at least 2 screws engaged on a full peddle.

They didn't want to fit nicely as one of my screws was off, but I evenly tightened down on both sides and the chain slipped into place around the new teeth. I tried to tune the fins to be aligned but its not perfect.

I also had an issue with my idler cable being too stretched out. So I added an over sized nut as a washer so I had enough thread to tighten everything down. I am also using my non-turbo fins for now as I am worried about the force on those gears.

Just trying to get some key words in here so maybe some1 in the future can search for this as a DIY guide to trying to fix these Hobie peddle drives redneck engineering style.

Will test it out this weekend and report back, would appreciate any thoughts or additions to mirage drive repairs!

Visited my sister in San Diego this past week and scored some charter trips down there.

Bluefin has been going off and my first trip out of Seaforth landing on the San Diego (day trip) scored about 1.5 fish per rod, I got one in the 20's and my bro-in-law scored a 40 and a 20. My family and I ate my entire bluefin throughout the week, it was awesome, sushi, seared, bbq collars, tacos, poke and salad. Super versatile and delicious. Im not a huge fan of the raw fish but the sushi and seared dinners were amazing. Lot of newbies and first timers on that boat but it went great, 100% recommend that crew, we had a blast and about 5 people ate hearts (first fish tradition).

The next weekend I went with my other bro-in-law on an overnight on the producer out of H&M landing. This crew has been worked to the bone and the BFT bite had been dying off, so we were expecting a long day of searching for a chance (high risk/high reward fishing) but they decided to switch it up for our trip and we boated 50 miles into Mexican waters to find kelp patties and ended up scoring some frenzied yellowtail midmorning. Limits for the boat (5/person), I put in some work and landed about 8 in a 2-hour window. EXHAUSTED!

These things were boiling, chomping on the fly line. Most of the boat was fly lining so after I had landed 3 in that fashion I wanted to take a break and try some jigs away from all the tangles and crowd. I first tried a colt sniper and could see fish following in and taking it on the drop. I then threw a custom Kaiju jig and scored a couple with that. I then used this maddog tackle flatfall with tiger/glow and I couldn't keep them off of it, every drift produced the fishing was insane and I could see hundreds of them down there. Yoyo style around the kelp and I was just having a blast w my trevala. So I was glad I could bring some of my Norcal gear down and slay those yellowtail. Wide open and smiles all around.

Rest of the week was spent playing Starwars Legos w my nephew and cooking tuna so just an all around good time with my week off work. Back to reality with a super sore back :(


For Sale / For sale - Paddle 230 Cm Hobie Fiber Shaft
« on: February 01, 2021, 12:47:03 PM »
Selling the paddle that came with my 2019 outback. Its nice and light and comfy. I just use it for launches. I want something that I can beat up a lil more since I'm usually just pushing off rocks and mud flats.

$80 OBO, posted on craigslist too, just trying to get a discount on my next paddle, I want one of those yak attack ones that has teeth and a hook on it so I can push myself around without worrying about my blades.

Trade offers welcome

Gearing Up and Rigging Up / New combo
« on: January 27, 2021, 12:25:24 PM »
Got this custom seeker rod at an estate sale, and this 100 size Calcutta from craigslist which fits it perfectly (had to clean it up and replace drag).

Ive used the rod as a light tackle meat stick on the boat for rock fish (caught an 8lb verm) but I think ill try to use it for trout trolling as well, its a lil stiff medium action but the tip is sensitive. I love this combo except that the Calcutta is right handed but i can manage.

Just got in from up north. Visiting my sister in richmond and brought my outback. Ive got sturgeon striped bass and trout gear so if any1 is going on an adventure please let me know! Ill keep a lookout for any open posts but please feel free to hit me up im free all week and just wanna paddle around and see what the bay has got. I plan on kicking around ferry point pier and brooks island for now since its so close, maybe find some bait..

Ill keep an eye out for hkups on here. Joints for any takers and im down to just get skunked!

Gearing Up and Rigging Up / 20" custom Crab Pot came in
« on: December 17, 2020, 01:56:22 PM »
Just got my 20" Custom Crab Pot, this thing is Beautiful! Now to test it after these tides calm down.

General Fishing Tips / Any1 tried 20" Custom Crab Pots out of eureka?
« on: December 02, 2020, 11:40:14 AM »
They are reasonably priced and seem pretty legit, I unfortunately lost my Danielson in the last tide swing (or some tweeker stole it) so im hoping that rotten cotton lets the lil guys go if its still down there or it gets smashed open on the rocks. Still learning... I think i need a lil more weight on the trap next time and a quality float.


Hookups and Fishing Reports (Viewable by Public) / Smith River 11/21/20
« on: November 23, 2020, 10:06:29 AM »
Couldnt find the freshies up river in the Smith this weekend but hooked up to about 10 boot colored kings in the lower reaches! Took home a hatchery buck. Bait on the float! (just bank fishing but looked floatable in the lower reaches)

Link to a nice wild being released


Kayaks / PacOut Demo Kayaks for sale, trying to pick one
« on: November 11, 2020, 10:23:35 AM »
I really want a mirage drive, and pacific outfitters have used 2019 compass and outback coming in.

I put down on the outback for $2k, but I havent seen it yet. But apparently they are flying off the racks like hotcakes so i had to pay to hold it.

I think i could hack a compass ($1500) and just spend my money on doing my own improvements, easier to load and similar size/stability, but I think I like the extra space and rails that come with the outback and the nicer seat.

I want to rockfish, hali, crab, and get some salmon in humboldt.

Im pretty sure im gonna lean towards that outback unless it is super messed up from all the rentals.

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