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Wanted To Buy / Shimano Calcutta Reel
« on: June 16, 2018, 11:31:48 PM »
Looking for a Shimano Calcutta fishing reel. If you have one that you would like to sell, let me know.

For Sale / Concrete Pier Block
« on: April 20, 2018, 10:15:05 AM »
I have 27 Concrete Pier Block if anyone looking for some. NCKA discount.

Solo run from Alameda, left the Grand Street ramp around 0530. Beautiful water in the bay and also outside the gate. Line in the water around 0700 and I was done around 0900. Fished between Stinson and Dux in 55' h2o, 30' otw. Both fish were caught on the UV FBR with anchovie behind a 5 1/2" green sling blade. Also ran into Darius outside Stinson beach, hope you slay them bro.

Left HMB ramp around 0545 in pea soup fog and flat sea. Line in the water around 0700. Fished 22/37 using clear FBR with chovie behind a 4" green sling blade 30 FOW. Done around 0745. I have never seen HMB trailer parking lot that full before and it spilled out along HWY 1.

Solo run today. Left Alameda around 0530 destined for the north side. Weather was beautiful and no problem with the fog. Fished at 37'52/122'55. Worked that area until finally limited out around 1130. 119' h2o, 30' OTW, clear fbr behind 4" green sling blade.

Wanted To Buy / WTB; Calcutta 400
« on: April 20, 2017, 07:33:40 AM »
Looking to see if anyone has a Calcutta 400 reel that they want to part with. I've got 1 that I use for salmon trolling and loving it so I'm looking for 1 more. Aloha

Left San Leandro around 0430 and launched out of CG ramp around 0730. My wife finally joined me out on the water for the first time.
We left the ramp at 0745 destined for Soldiers Club. Line in at 0800 and immediately hooked up. We were done by 0900 and it would be a lot earlier if it wasn't for the darn sea lion. Lost about 4 fish to the damm thing. Fish at 36.41 121.50 Purple Haze Hotchie and green rsk behind the 6" sling blade in 110' h2o, 65' OTW. Proud of the wife for toughing it out. Here are some pics.

Finally was able to get a day off from work. Two of us left Alameda Grand Street ramp around 8:00. Nice flat water on the bay all the way out the gate. Got to Pt. Bonita and it still have some rollers coming through and I couldn't see if there were breakers in the channel because of the fog. Decided to head out of the shipping channel to play it safe.
Set pots in 125' of h2o and let it soaked for 1 1/2 hours, pulled 7 pots for 2 nice limits.

Left Alameda Grand Street ramp around 0530 destined for DR1. Beautiful ride on the bay and outside the gate. At about 0730 started to mark some good bait about 1 1/2 mile south of the can so I decided to dropped in. In about 15 minutes I got the first take down that spit the hook after 5 minutes. 85' h2o, 45 OTW, green RSK with chovie. Worked the same area for 3 more hook up and landed 2. Done at 0915 and back at the ramp at 1030. Here are some pics


Left Alameda around 5:30am and didn't really have a game plan of where to fish. This is the first time the boat is being out since they installed the new motor. That new motor ran like a champ. I also installed a new helm which is Teleflex NFB 4.2 and what a big difference.

Rounded Pt. Bonita and decided to run up to the tower to see if there's life out there. As I got closer I can see there were tons of birds and whales everywhere. Dropped in and started trolling around. I was marking good bait and in 45 minutes after I dropped in I got a take down and fought him for 15 minutes and into the net. Trolled the same area for two hours with no luck. 65' h2o, 35 otw, green rsk with anchovie.

Overall great day on the water and very please with the performance of the new motor and the new helm. Here are some pics.

Left Alameda around 5:30am destined for Muir Beach. Pretty nice ride out the gate, marked a lots of bait just outside Muir in 60' of water so decided to put in, 15 minutes later line popped off and it was a screamer. Got him to the net and he swam right in after a 15 minutes battle and this was around 7:30. Green RSK with anchovie behind a red 4" sling blade in 60' h2o 45' OTW.

Dropped back in and work the same area and 20 minutes later my main engine just quit so fired up the kicker and trolled around while troubleshooting the engine and about 9:45 line popped off again and the fight was on. After about 10 minutes he got next to the boat and while I was reaching for the net, the unthinkable happened, hook popped off.

Dropped back down and within 5 minutes, line started screaming, I love that sound. Fought him for 15 minutes and when I got him next to the boat, he was all belly up and swam right into the net. Same setup and these are some good size fish (30" & 31". Limit at 10, so after I cleaned all 4 spark plugs and put them back in, turned her on and she fired right up.

First salmon trip of the year and a pretty interesting shakedown run. Here are some pics.

Sorry for the late post, I was too busy last night preparing the food for the Luau today. Left Alameda around 0700 destined for DR1. Beautiful ride out on the bay and outside the gate. Dropped in just outside Rocky Pt and trolled towards DR1, saw some birds outside Dux so headed there and worked them. Around 0830 I got a take down and it was a screamer, he was pulling line really fast I thought it was a Thresher shark. Got her up and into the net after a 20 minute fight and it was a beautiful king.

Worked the same area and back to Rocky Pt looking for the devil fish. Finally went back to the same area that I hooked up earlier. By this time the wind picked up and there were some steep wind wave. At around 1430 I got another takedown but he came unbottoned. Decided to pulled the plug and head in. Overall it was a beautiful day. Here are some pics.

Launched solo from Alameda around 0600 and headed towards Rocky Point. Dropped in just outside Rocky Pt. in 60’ h2o and trolled towards Bolinas and out to Dux. Tacked north after the buoy and about ½ mile from the buoy when I got a takedown, fought him for about 3 minutes before he popped the hook. Worked that area for another 45 minutes with 2 undersized released and unharmed. Trolled back towards where I started and started to marked huge bait balls, circled them over and over again with no love. Finally reached Rocky Pt. when I saw a school of bait fish been pushed up from below, I immediately reeled up the downrigger/line up to 25’ and bammed, “Fish On”. Fought him up into the net and he stands at 27” in 55’ h2o, 25’ OTW, Purple Haze Hoochie. Saw few kayaks out there trolling around.

On my way in, as I passed the Golden Gate Bridge at about 250 yards, I spotted a hand sticking out of the water waving. I steered towards the hand thinking that he jumped from the bridge. As I got closer to him, I noticed that he’s hanging onto a board and his kite sail is filled with water. He looked at me and said, I am so glad you stopped. There were 2 boats just ahead of me and they blew by this poor guy within 15 yards of him without stopping. His legs were all tangled up from the kite riggings so I had to cut the rigging off to free him so I can pulled him onboard with his board and kite. As we made our way towards the beach, I saw someone in the water waving and he was about ¾ mile from the beach. I headed over to investigate and discovered that he’s a windsurfer in need of assistance. The poor guy was trying to swim to the beach against the current and the current was pulling him towards the Golden Gate Bridge. Pulled him and his board/sail onboard. Made my way to the beach at Crissy Field and dropped both of them safely onto the beach. They offered to pay me and I happily refused and told them that I was happy and glad to help them out. Overall, it was a great day with a limit of Kite surfer, limit of Windsurfer and a half limit of Salmon. Always glad to help someone in distress or in need of help. Sorry did not take any pics, too busy with the rescue and got home late. Did not finished cleaning the boat and the fish until 9:00 pm. 

Solo run today, left Alameda around 0520 destined for Rocky Point. Beautiful ride on the bay and even more beautiful outside the gate. Dropped in just north of Rocky in 60' h2o. Trolled towards Stinson and out towards Dux. At around 1020 I got a takedown and work him into the net with no problem. He stands at 29", green crippled chovie behind a sling blade in 55' h2o 35' OTW.
Kept working that same area between Stinson and Dux until about 1:45 when I got another takedown, reeled him up and into the nett with no issue. He stands at 28", purple haze hoochie, 50' h2o, 35' OTW. Tons of birds and huge bait balls. Saw plenty of whales out there.

Sorry for the late post, this thing call work kept me occupied all the time. Left Alameda (Solo) around 0630 destined for Rocky Point. Dropped in just outside Rocky Pt. in 55' h20. Lots of bait around that area so I worked around that area until 0930 when I got the first take down. Worked that first fish to the net with no problem. Second fish hit around 1130 and he was just under 24".

First fish hit on the purple haze hoochie behind a 14" watermelon dodger 45' OTW. Second fish hit on the UV FBR with chovie behind a 6" green flasher 35' OTW. It was a beautiful day out there with lots of boat traffic.

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