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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Thank You Tony Moore  (Read 482 times)

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Tony works at the Golden One center in Sacramento where the Kings basketball team plays. Apparently, all the union (B66) ushers at the stadium decided to donate their Christmas bonuses to charity. Tony nominated HOW as one of the possible recipients. All the ushers voted and HOW won the $1000.00 donation. In addition,they gave us 6 tickets to Friday nights game and let us set up an information booth across from the cocktail stand. Raydon,Derrick and myself showed up and had a great time. We all manned the booth for the first half. During the 2nd quarter, Tony showed up with his entourage of beautiful women in Kings attire and a camera-man. Next thing I know, we are surrounded by beautiful women and holding a giant check on the jumbo-tron screen and the crowd was cheering. It was too cool for school to feel the warmth and support for our nations veterans pouring through the stadium. Thank you Tony, Thank you Ushers and Thank you Sacramento Kings.


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That is so AWESOME. Thanks Tony and the rest of the B66 Union members.
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Yes!  Thank you SO much, B66 and Tony.
I thought it was only going to be free tickets and a good time,  but it was so much more.  Besides the money, which is completely badass and amazing it’s self,  I was blown away from the love and respect we got from all the staff. I was nervous by all that attention, but Everyone was laughing and having a great time, which kept me just... astonished...to say the very least. It was fun

Thank you to everyone who keeps HOW in their thoughts.
And thank you, Tony.   :smt008
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As I said during the Game.  It’s the men and women of the International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employee’s Local Union B-66.  We we’re honored to support HOW.

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must have felt amazing.  great donation, exposure, def the best way to kick off the NY


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That Tony Moore guy is ok...He doesn't do too bad fishing either!
Nice Tony!
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