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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Great Ways to Get Yourself Banned  (Read 42386 times)

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Let's let it go.
Don't go all lynch mob

I am sure there is a perfectly good explanation for all of his actions.

I have seen people do far worse things while drunk.

I have been in life threating (altering) situations, and have seen the same with friends while deployed.

People can be stupid when they are drunk. When your life is on the line you may do stupid stuff.

I do not condo anything he did. However I understand that sometimes we all fall down, its how we pick ourself back up that matters. Give him a chance to get up then we can see his true colors.

But for now lets not add fuel to the fire. Let him determine the next move.

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Thanks for writing that, Ryan.  I agree that it sounds like this guy made some bad moves, but I don't want to take any action until I speak to him.  I sent a PM, but I think I'll call him tonight.  I'll be getting a detailed report back here once I've done that.  I appreciate everyone's patience as well as everyone's concern.
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Thanks for writing that, Ryan.  I agree that it sounds like this guy made some bad moves, but I don't want to take any action until I speak to him.  I sent a PM, but I think I'll call him tonight.  I'll be getting a detailed report back here once I've done that.  I appreciate everyone's patience as well as everyone's concern.

I agree...very well put Ryan.

I've done PLENTY of horrible, stupid sh*t over the years and if it wasn't for the forgiveness of my family, friends and wife I would be one lonely sad guy....  :smt009

Like you said...it's not how hard you fall, but how you get back up and carry on that really counts...

I've shared with Eric what I know about what happened, what I saw and what I did, and I'll let Eric report back with what he hears from the guy.

On a better note...I had blackened Lingcod steaks topped with lump dungie meat last night!!!   :smt007 :smt007 :smt007





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Guys - I'm aware of this and working on it.  Please give me some time to get more details including the member in question's perspective.  Don't go all lynch mob on us before we have an answer from him.

Brothers and Sisters, I have been waiting to comment on this. I am in no way talking Lynch Mob style Eric, but I don't want to even know what this guy's perspective was on this.

This was the ONLY weekend in a LONG time I got to spend with my son, as he goes to his Dad's every weekend per our custody agreement.

This fellow kayak angler seemed to know who we all were but we (the A-Hulls/V-Holes) had no idea who he was. We saw him walking the camp in the afternoon with a guy named I think Torrey but who Tracy and I quickly ---and buzzedly--- renamed Stormy Winters as a witty(porno name) take on his real name. We introduced ourselves and they kept on walking as Tracy and I giggled and cat-called at Stormy as they went away.

Later that night he comes back and it was all good until he got in my friends face and wanted to prove he knew who we were. It was a strange exchange but my friend kept his cool but this other guy just kept on going until we asked him to leave. He then Slammed his Corona and threw the empty bottle at EWB, and turned back to my friend and asked if they could start this over......

At this point he started to speak spanish to my friend and I knew I needed to get the kids outta there! I took the kids to our truck and kept them over there until the guys got him away.

After that I walked to the porto potty and I see the guy hassling Morgan, a man I met on the beach totally un-affiliated with NCKA, just happened to be the poor guy camped behind the man in question. I did not see the other fighting that ensued after my departure from Morgan's camp, however, before I left, the Drunk made sure to shove his middle finger in my face twice because of who my friends are. He also refused to leave Morgans camp and insisted that Morgan's fire was HIS fire.

Then I hear the next day that he needed assistance and then left Sonny to self rescue.

This guy was an asshole. I could care less what his side of the story is, what I do care about is an apology for the way he treated me and acted to everyone else. And for scaring my son and Nate's daughter. We like to party and you all know it. But we keep it family style and that was straight uncalled for. Who is this guy? And I know he was embaressed because he left on the downlow. So what is there to find out about his side of the story? We all know what went down.
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Read totes "an unfortunate decision" thread a lil down the page, he's been banned.

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I'm not sure about getting yourself banned, but I can show you how to become the laughing stock at future NCKA events in just a few posts... :smt003

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Can we just racially slur you cuz we can? :smt044 Love ya Bro!!!

Heck I'm such a mutt you can slur me with anything!
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Seems like easy rules to follow

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Seems like easy rules to follow

padding post count for > 10 = banned!   :smt005


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Just noticed I posted the toons in the wrong place. Mods, any mod, please move to Funny Stuff. :)


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Dunno, Brings a little levity to this subject... Let'er stand... :smt005
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That's it Howard....you're outta here!

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