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For Sale / Re: Phenix M1 Inshore Casting $100
« on: August 14, 2018, 08:25:57 PM »
3rd in line

For Sale / Re: Hobie livewell
« on: August 12, 2018, 07:17:14 PM »
I'm interested.  Ever come down to the Bay Area?  I'm in the Richmond area. 

Maybe I can play hooky from work and make a drive up there.  What's your availability?

General Talk / Re: Fishfinder Problem/Help
« on: August 10, 2018, 11:28:05 AM »
Try some heat sink over the plugs to make the fit a little more snug/tight.

Introductions / Re: How do I find Hook Up?
« on: August 08, 2018, 09:02:37 PM »
Well hello there.  I guess we can assume what you're here for.....  :smt044

For Sale / Re: Ugly Stick and paddle *price lowered again*
« on: August 06, 2018, 10:35:22 PM »
I'll take the rod, though I don't know how I'd get it from you on SC.  Ever head north to San Jose or SF?

Thank you all NKCA members, family, and friends that showed up.  Though a smaller event compared to the bigger sponsored ones, still fun to see everyone fish, drink, eat, and laugh together.  This is my 2nd time attending this event and the 1st time helping coordinate it all.

So many new and familiar faces met.  Sorry for not taking any pictures, I was pretty busy getting things together and keeping the flow moving along.  I had loaned out both of my kayaks to other attendees without kayaks, but I eventually got to fish off Jacks' boat.  Quick limit of stripers, then back to the clubhouse to get lunch prepped/order pizzas, and get everyone fed.

After lunch, Sean (fishbound) and I went out again looking for more fish.  I shot out to Brothers only to find wind and ferry wakes, then the whaling station for more shakers.  As I headed back around the point, I hear over radio a big hali was caught.  Sean had headed back in front of the harbor, bouncing his bucktail, and hooked into that monster hali.  Congrats to him, new to live bait fishing, but stuck to what he knows.  Back to the clubhouse, my wife and son were waiting, and everyone was eagerly anticipating the pig to come out while downing a few brews. 

Big thanks to Jack and Capt Frank for hosting a great venue and providing bait/knowledge.  Big ups to Michael for taking point on getting this event up a going.  And thank you everyone for coming, especially those coming far (Rodney/rk2fish), being enthusiastic (Ron/weimarian), fishing your guts out (Eddie), bringing your little ones (Jason/fishguts), your 4-legged friends (Jon/crazyfisher), and being an awesome group of fishermen (the Crums, Josh/Colton, Matt/Baron, Mike/ebayfisher, and Jason/yatzmail.

Looking forward to seeing you all again next year.  Please free feel to post or PM me some feedback, so we can learn what we did well and what we can do to improve things for next year.

- Kevin

Heading to the Clubhouse in a bit.  See you guys at the safety meeting!

Places to Launch and Camp / Re: Muir Beach
« on: August 02, 2018, 10:15:53 PM »
It'll be an outgoing tide in the morning with a WSW wind.  For Muir, you'll need a good beach cart.  The safest launch area in the most western end, which is protected.  But getting there from the parking lot or HWY1, is a long haul on the sand. 

Hi all!   We paid through PayPal (rodney jue), hope you got it!   Wanted to ask.... we are driving up after work tomorrow night.   Unfortunately we won't be able to attend the evening safety meeting(unless a miracle happens at work and I can get off early! ).   And we probably will get there sorta late.  Do we check in with someone?   Im just making sure we will be able to find a place to place our tent!   And if we do miss the meeting, can we possibly talk to someone to get a quick gist of the meeting?   Thanks for all the info!   We are really looking forward to some awesome company and fishing!

Hi All,

A few more last minute details to help you guys whether you arrive tomorrow or Saturday morning.
I will be there Friday from 6-9pm and Saturday from 6:30am on.  Here's some things you guys need to do before setting off and catching those monster fish.

1.  CHECK-IN:  Please come to the clubhouse (or come find me) to CHECK-IN and pay your $20 event fee if you haven't already done so.  Check or cash please.  These numbers helps us plan next years event, make sure we have enough food, and match the face to the name.  If you plan to launch before I get there, then you can either preCHECK-IN on Friday or find Michael (Da Bruddah) to get you squared away.

2.  OVERNIGHT CAMPERS:  Take a look at the map below (google image isn't up to date but camping area is clean).  There is an area to the right of the clubhouse reserved for you guys/gals.  First come, first serve camping in the flat area.  Please do not wander off into the hills or get too close to the dry grassy areas.  Showers and bathrooms are located inside the Clubhouse.  There are two more additional bathrooms outside if you walk towards the jetty (past the restaurant).  Again, no open fires or grills in the camping area.  There is a communal grill at the Clubhouse for you to use, if needed. 

3.  KAYAK LAUNCHING:  There are two launches for this event (look at map below).  The BEACH launch and the HARBOR launch.  For the Beach Launch, you can drive your vehicle next the the beach, unload your kayak/gear, and then please re-park your vehicle back in the General/Day Use area.  Harbor launch is close to the parking area, but same idea applies.

4.  LIVE BAIT/TACKLE: If you decide you want live anchovies, you can pay when you CHECK-IN.  $20 for a big scoop, or $10 for a small scoop.  You'll be given a tag, which you'll give to Jack or Michael, when they scoop the anchovies for you in the Harbor.  I'll also have live bait rigs for sale ($2/each; 3-way/25lb fluoro leader/Gamakatsu 2/0 hook) and can also loan out torpedo weights if you don't have the right size.

5.  FOOD/POTLUCK:  Potluck feast will be around 5pm-ish or when everyone is done fishing.  Your event fees helps pay for the day use of the Clubhouse and the Whole Roast Pig.  While not everyone is partaking in the fishing and event to its fullest, we promote you to bring your family, children, and loved ones.  This is a family community event and we appreciate the help to anyone who can bring a potluck dish to share with everyone.  If you're unable to bring a dish, then we won't stop you from partaking in the feast... but donations are appreciated too!


Michael Yamagata (510) 282-4831
Kevin Nguyen (408) 204-8400
Jack Johnson (510) 575-1190

I think Michael is camping and I know of one other guy bringing his camp trailer.   I'm debating to tent camp but I only live 15 minutes away.

No prizes this year, just bragging rights I suspect...full on food, pot luck"ish" know the regs, 3 hali's 22" minimum, 2 stripers 18' minimum, sturgeon card on barbless if you want to keep one, not in season but I saw one jump in front of me at paradise the other day, they are around, gear swap?  Stingrays, leopard sharks and a possible secret fish if it's your day...any guesses...? Everyone launches at their own pace and we're all probably off the water by 3-4 depending on the wind.
Guesses on secret fish?....salmon?🐟🐟🐟🐟
Oooooo...wouldn't that be nice... :smt002 :smt006

I'm going for Lingcod  :smt005

I don 't know why Kevin posted the 12am time?
Michael, Jack and Kevin

I was just joking Michael.  There's no official start time.  You can fish whenever you want to.


Kind of new to this tournament stuff. When does this tournament start on Saturday morning?  Iím imagining it like a triathlon - gun goes off and then every one races to there kayak and paddles/peddles off. Maybe?    :smt003

Start time is 12:00am until 11:59pm

Last year, some people didn't even hear the bang and make it to the water.  Too much drinking and eating after the safety meeting.  But everyone on the water and off had a great time. 

Such an awesome group of guys.



Safety Meeting on FRIDAY 7pm at the Sportsman's Clubhouse

- not required but highly recommended
- great time to pick Capt Frank's brain about where to fish and how to target them
- meet your fellow yak anglers
- drink/booze, shoot the shit, and lie about all the big fish we've caught
- get a lay of the land, scout the launch
- where to set-up camp and check out the facilities

- For those of you whom can't make it to a tackle shop before coming to the event, I'll have some live bait rigs (3-way swivel/30lb leader/#2 hook) made up to use and a variety of weights available for purchase.  All proceeds will go to Jack/Capt Frank for their time/hosting a great event.

- Families are welcome.  Dogs too.

- Camping available for FREE both Friday and Saturday night!

- The Harbor restaurant will be open for those who don't want the trouble of cooking their own food.  The Sportman's Clubhouse have tap brews, bottled beer, and wine available for purchase.


Caja China Whole Roast Pig - Jack
Chow Mein - Michael
Fried Rice - Michael
Deviled Egg Potato Salad - Kevin
Tortillas, Salsa, etc for Pork Tacos - Kevin
Coffee, Croissants, Baked Goods (SAT Breakfast) - Kevin

**feel free to add a dish you're able to bring, if possible**

If anyone is having issues sending $20 to me, then let me know.  PM or call me @ 408-204-8400 and we'll sort it out.


1.  Kevin - SimplyCook (paid)
2.  Michael - Da Bruddah (paid)
3.  Justin - DrHabanero (paid)
4.  Jack - JacksDiving (host)
5.  Ariel - Ariel Sea (paid)
6.  Ron - Weimarian
7.  Eddie - Eddie
8.  Josh - Crum (paid)
9.  Colton - Colton (paid)
10.  Pete - Pete510
11.  Jason - Yatzmail
12.  Jason - fishguts (paid)
13.  Mike - ebayfisher (paid)
14.  Matt - Baron
15.  Matt's GF?
16.  Rock Hopper
17.  Sean - fishboundsa

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