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2017 AOTY/DOTY Entry

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Hey Gang,

Well, I asked and you answered!  The date for TRW7 is set for August 26th.  We aren't taking signups yet but we wanted to make sure everyone got the date on their calendars early.  I'll bring your more details as I get them.

Hope to see you all there!

One F
*Berryessa Is Back*

And These Events and NCKA Chills are Just too much Fun. So why Not. You guys asked, You guys wanted it, You Got It.  :smt007 :smt041 :white :kick

Dates: April 7th, 8th, and 9th

Where: Lake Berryessa @ Steele Canyon Resort
*Book Your Campsites Early*

What to Expect: Fun Filled Weekend with fellow friends and Family from NCKA, Tons of Laughs, Full Belly's of NCKA's finest Chef creatations, Breathe Taking Scenery and Wildlife Viewing, and Lastly but not leastly, Limits of Fish and Fish Stories.

Definitely All In on a MBF but This Not A Tournament!! Just not enough time to layout and get into Logistics. But we could definitely Get a serious Frog Skinning Goin and maybe get a Raffle Going to get proceeds to a much needed Charity. Any Help would be much Appreciated. Potluck Thread, MBF, etc.  Any other Thoughts, Input, or Ideas let me Know. More Details to come
We received news today that Hobie Fishing has chosen the Shasta Bass Kayak Classic March 25-26 as a Hobie Fishing Worlds Qualifier.

This is great news for kayaking in our area, not only do we get to raise money for ShastaCA Heroes On The Water but norcal kayak anglers get to prove their kayak fishing skills against participants from around the western US.

First place will be a CHOICE an invitation to the 2017 Hobie Fishing Worlds (with amount to still be determined to cover travel costs) or a 2017 Hobie Outback.

Second place will receive which ever prize the first place finisher doesn't choose. We will also do additional payout depending on number of participants.

At minimum $30 from each entry will go to Heroes On The Water

Each participant will receive raffle tickets with their entry fee. We have some nice prizes to give away

Visit our web site - http://www.shastabasskayakclassic.com/

You can register and read all the rules at http://ianglertournament.com/shasta-bass-kayak-classic

Entry fee - $100, (on site day of Captains Meeting - $125 until 6:00 pm March 24 when registration will close)

Current List of Sponsors

Hobie Fishing -Hobie H Crate, Captains Bags, cautions flags, sun masks
Headwaters Adventure Company - hosting, check for special rates if you want to rent kayak
Phils Propellers - gift certificates
Shasta Bass Baits - providing bass baits and designing custom bait for our tournament
Lowrance - 5ti touch FF
EGO - extending net
Branson Baits - tourney slugs and swimbaits
Scotty - rod holders, rails and attachments
Bay Bridge Resort - disocunt for lodging, houseboat rentals, 25% discount in restaurant, (no launch fee if stay there), pre-order a boxed lunch $12
Action Hat - couple hats (hold your phone or Gopro for action filming)
Fish Sniffer - subscriptions and other prizes
B&B RV - donation direct to Heroes On The Water
Kayak Angler Magazine - one year digital subscription for whomever signs up
Stohlquist Waterware - PDF
Light Tackle Trolling - books (great book, a friend of mine, caught that giant stiper on east coast last year)
Pacific Outfitters - Lew's American Hero - rod/reel combination
Neverlost Gear - rod/paddle leash for each participant
GoPro/Northernmark - Hero 5 camera
ProCure - sample scents for Captains Bags and some other scents for prizes
Let'um Buck Custom Baits

Registration is now open for GS11.  I've revised the qualifications sheet and the rules recently, so check it out.

This just in (as of 1/25/17) - We WILL have a new kayak as part of the raffle.  Our own RacinRob has confirmed a Wilderness Systems boat again - thank you, Rob!!  Each participant gets an entry toward the Grand Prize kayak.

While some details are still up in the air about the shirt and ink colors and the format of the raffle, most of the other Gimme Shelter traditions are part of this year's plan as usual.  We'll have Gyotaku fish printing where kids 15 and under will print for free and possibly win a cash prize.  We'll have a potluck and raffle awards ceremony hopefully at the campground pavilion as it's been the last few years, and I think KayakJack and his volunteer army will bring back the awesome Tack Shack.  We'll have a safety meeting down at the ramp where my laptop might fly or my vehicle may instantly become disabled!  We'll have a fishing tournament where I've added a species - starry flounder, just to keep it interesting.  We'll hopefully have great diving and pre-fishing water and beautiful sunny days to enjoy the Lost Coast and each other in the world class setting of Shelter Cove.

I've added to the application and qualification sheet, and I appreciate everyone being patient about complying with what still amount to very basic paperwork requirements. 

Registration fees have remained unchanged since GS4.  Shirt prices are the same as last year, but I'm only offering a zip hoodie this year - they're more pricey at $50.  They'll be cool, and I know at least Won's gonna buy one.  :)  Also, I learned from the hat production last year.  The hats will be high quality and are $25.

The bottom line for this event is celebrating the NCKA community.  Prizes and commercialism have been identified as secondary priorities.  I plan to make the event everything that it's been leading up to this point, and my goal is always to enjoy it immensely at the same time.  I look forward to spending time with my NCKA family.  :smt001

Discussion can continue at whatever pace is desired.  I'll likely get revved up now and then over the coming months and do some pic dumps and video archive revivals of past GS's and Shelter Cove stuff from over the years.  Please feel free to do the same. 

Part of what has become my GS Scheme is to tone down the buildup, and that way hopefully only those who really want some GS will be the ones to attend.

Thanks - please post questions on this thread, and I'll keep it checked and updated.

Probably won't maintain an updated roster this year, so be sure to get in touch with me if you don't get a welcome email.  Anyone ever not gotten a welcome email?
NCKA Hawg Troughs now available at $20 each. Limited quantities. First come, first served.

110 troughs sold, 0 troughs available

All proceeds go toward funding fishing trips for kids with cancer, one of Mooch's wishes.

aypal is not an option. Cash or personal check only. Requests can be sent to me at:

Howard Joe
4720 Ridpath Street
Fremont, CA 94538

Please include your username, email address, and/or phone number, in case I have any questions regarding your request. If I can't get in touch with you, I will return your payment.

Three ways to get your trough:

1.   NCKA Express (anyone traveling in your direction)
2.   Pick up from me.
3.   If you’re REALLY in a hurry for it, pay $9.00 for shipping.

Logos shown below. Measurement numbers are in black.
New vinyl stickers are available.

Vinyl 2 x 3.75 in. ling-Mooch Strong stickers are available for $3.00 each. The vinyl material is thin; so position carefully before applying.

Vinyl 12 x 12 in. oversize ling stickers (same design as the vinyl 5x5 image) are now available for $20.00 each. The vinyl material is thin; so position carefully before applying.

Vinyl 5 x 5 in. ling stickers are available for $5.00 each. The vinyl material is thin; so position carefully before applying.

Vinyl Ling

Vinyl 4 x 6 in. OG vinyl stickers (white on black) are available for $5.00 each. The vinyl material is thin; so position carefully before applying.

Vinyl OG

If you see the sticker listed, the sticker is available.

Free shipping

All proceeds go toward funding a fishing trip for kids, to honor one of Mooch's wishes.

Paypal is not an option. Cash or personal check only. Requests can be sent to me at:

Howard Joe
4720 Ridpath Street
Fremont, CA 94538

Or catch me at an event.

Please include your username, email address, and/or phone number, in case I have any questions regarding your request. If I can't get in touch with you, I will return your payment.
About the White Seabass
The white seabass (Atractoscion, nobilis) is not a bass but a member of the croaker family and is related to the California corbina. White seabass (WSB) occur from Juneau, Alaska south to Baja California. They are usually found in areas of rocky bottom and around kelp beds. White seabass are present in California waters all year long. They spawn in kelp beds in the spring and summer. In the fall they form large schools and feed on spawning squid. In the winter they head off-shore following the squid and other baitfish. They can swim 300 miles in 2-3 months. White seabass feed on anchovies, pilchards, herring, and other fish, as well as on crustaceans and squid. The average weight of a 28-inch fish is 7 1/2 pounds. The all-tackle record is 83 pounds, 10 ounces.

The white seabass is a fish that has been much sought after commercially and by anglers. Its dense flesh is white and tender and highly valued, but it spoils quickly without proper care. White seabass landings have fluctuated considerably over the past century, with the commercial take ranging from a high of 3.4 million pounds in 1959 to a low of 58,000 pounds in 1997. The white seabass are making a tremendous comeback after years of pollution and gill netting took their toll. United Anglers assisted in getting legislation passed which now prohibits gill nets within three miles of the coastline. The Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute operates the white seabass hatchery at Carlsbad.  The researchers and volunteers have raised, tagged and released approximately 413,000 juvenile seabass into the waters of Southern California since 1986.

Read More

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