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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: HMB derby  (Read 7024 times)

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Well it had to happen soon or later I could not be happier with todays
Win because when I seen how many kayaks were on the beach this morning,
I did not think I had a chance to take first place but the live smelt was just
To good for MR ling to resist yeeehaaa :smt007

It was peer hell waiting on the beach for everyone to come in with their
Catch and when I seen Allen lift his game clip out of his kayak my
Hart sank when I got a look at his ling I just had a feeling he, beat
Me but in the end I got him, by one inch that was close to close. :smt010

As for the ling he fought hard all the way to the end but I had
My 975LD with 20 # line and a shimano TDR 8.6 trolling rod
This was my first time out with this rod and it did real well
I think I will keep it. :smt005

Now I would like to thank HMB kayaks for putting on this
Derby and cobra kayaks for putting up the kayak for this event
+ BILL and everyone who made this one best fishing trips
I have ever had I am on cloud 9 baby. :smt001

3RD annual 2007 halfmoon bay kayaks derby winner

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There were a lot of yakers out today and you came out on top! Congratulation on the winning Lingzilla :smt001 An earlier post,  you showed forty of your friends.  How many of them did you have to sacrifice before you hooked up :smt003

Congratulations Man!!!



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WAY 2 :smt006 :smt068 :smt066 :smt070 GO

got saltwater


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All of the bait making karma came through...congrats!  Lets see some pics!!!


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Gotta love it when a plan comes together.  Way to go Duane!!!  Pics man, we want pics.

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Congratulations Duane, you deserve this win! :smt002 

There were atleast 50 kayaks on the water, foggy in the morning, clearing somewhat around 10. 

Danglin almost performed his Newbie trick, lost a good size Halibut near the entrance of the Harbor.

Good times, Great people.

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Cool contour map! It seems ~2 miles out of the harbor. Waiting to see exciting Pics. How big (size and weight) is the No.1 ling? Congrates.
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Congratulations Duane!  I'm looking forward to seeing what you do to that new kayak of yours.

Oh, and on't forget to update your signature :smt002

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BAM II Champ


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Sounds like everyone had a great time.
Congrats Duane.
Now LET'S SEE SOME PICS!!!!!!!!!


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Congrats on the win, I'll be there next year.   I was on call for work this weekend :smt009

 I've been waiting for pics and a report all afternoon.. from the derby :smt003



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Congrats on the big win, Duane!  Of course, big thanks to Chuck and Bill and everyone who had a hand in organizing/orchestrating the event.

I'll get the pics started with this, the lone picture I took today...

Just one small wave of anglers on their way out of the harbor, through the fog.


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HUGE Congrats Duane!  Nice to see you come up with a win!  You certainly have put in your dues!  Welcome to the dark side (club Marauder).

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2006 Angler of the Year 3rd Place

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What a great day! I was a bit intimidated by the fog; I haven't been on the water much last year or this year (mostly in it), so I was a bit intimidated by not knowing where the @*^% I was most of the time. I think I'm out of my league with you guys, but if I keep fishing with y'all, hopefully that'll change.
Duane, congrats on the well-deserved win; you worked the science and the mojo and it payed off wonderfully!
Thanks to Bill, Chuck, HMB yaks and everyone who donated prizes.
I'm in for next year!
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We had an amazing turnout today, 72 kayak anglers!!!  :thumbsup: The fog was pretty thick out there today and the swell was intense at times but Duane and everyone powered through. Final standings:

1. Duane - 32 inch ling
2. Allen Bushnell - 31 inch ling
3. Dave Swenson - 28.5 inch ling

The special Hobie bait tank prize went to Ben with a 28 inch ling. The raffle was an amazing success as well. Tin cleaned up winning the Bob Franko custom rod, scotty rod holder and the MacSki!! We raised $1,008 for the ASA!!! Amazing!

Thanks to everyone that came and fished, Doug and Chris at HMB Kayak Company, Cobra, Outback Adventures, Hook 1, Aquan, Rollez and Mel Cottons for there support.

Special thanks to Chuck in for doing all the hard work behind the scenes. This would not happen without Chuck!

I got one picture of Duane on the water but it is way out of focus. I will post it anyways.