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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: RBC2  (Read 13293 times)

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Had the time of my life! Big love to Joe & Co for putting this together.
Here are some pics of the fish that helped me win!!!36.25" 23lbs
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Great ling, Anthony!  WTG.   :smt001
I am a licensed guide.  DFW Guide ID:  1000124.   Let's do a trip together.

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Wow, what are the dimensions of that PIG?!?!  Congrats Anthony!


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Nice!  Congrats on the catch and the win.



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congrats on the win, bro. 
I don't intend on winning any tourney's, I intend on fishing with the brother's OTW and having a good time while at it... NCKA!
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Grats on the victory, that's a toad!
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Gotta love waking up and seeing a biga** ling.

Congrats !!! That is a pig!

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To bad i didn't take a pic with it on a hawg trough. No ATOY pts. I caught on my bass setup. Fenwick hmx rod med/heavy action. Shimano Curado bantem real ( over 10 year old setup) and 20lb mono. I used a standard two hook rockcod rig with a 5oz sinker. One full squid on each hook, he took the bottom one. I felt the hit and set the hook and immediately thought I was snagged. I peddled around a bit to try and free it, that's when I felt the head shake. First thing I thought was " don't fuck this up". My drag was set right and I just slowly worked it to the surface. That's when I shat myself! I slowly pulled him to the yak and grabbed the net. I get him half way in and lift. That's when my promar net almost folds in half!! It actually helped get him in all the way and with a tug he was in the yak!! I grabbed my "be good stick" and took it to em!!! Then screamed like a little girl. I still can't believe it, and will never forget it.

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Congrats on the win and huge ling :smt001

Dale L

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Congrats on the HOG and the win,,,,,


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I could just picture this big guy screaming like a little girl!   :smt003  Congratulations bro!  Now all you need for a perfect weekend is for the 49er's to beat the Eagles.   :beer3



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Unfortunately I dunked my waterproof camera into Putah Creek the other day so no OTW pics from me for this report!  This was my first time fishing Fort Ross so I was a little bit unsure of where to go.  I ended up arriving late to the show as I just couldn't seem to get out of work on time.  I got there at 9PM and found Joe to get signed up and my wristband.  Met Ghostfish and Mario and chatted for a bit.  This was fortunate since I remembered I had forgotten my Dramamine (they had some), and they didn't bring any squid (I had extra).  Perfect exchange!  After hanging out at Sledge's for a bit, 11:30 PM rolled around fast enough and I crashed out in the back up my truck with a 5:30 AM alarm set.

Woke up earlier than the alarm and decided to to just beat feat to Fort Ross.  Got there WAY frickin early parked near the gate and crashed out in the #1 spot.  Woke up to a line of 10+ cars behind me and two line jumpers  :smt012  :smt044

Parks personnel rolled in at a cool 7:15 or so, grrr, and the conga line to the dirt lot began.  Loaded up the yak, drove back up, then hoofed it back down.  It wasn't too bad, just time consuming!  I started out without really any aim or focus and tried a quick drift across the mouth of the main cove a few times to no avail.  The wind was blowing a bit, but the current was ripping towards the NE so it was hard to hold any type of position.  Man I was glad I was in a Hobie!!!   :smt003  Too boot, the water was used motor oil black with no joke 1"-2" visibility.  I mean the blacked nastiest I have seen the ocean in a long time.

Due to conditions, I threw a swimbait for a bit but gave up and switched over to shrimp flies with squid tips.  I was skunked for probably the first 2 hours and radio chatter indicated it was going to be a rough day for sure.  I decided to head south and try the obvious wash rocks since many others were that way as well.  I drifted the ocean side rocks a few times (red X) and then gave up and headed shallow for the kelp since I had promised my wife and kids a Sunday Fish BBQ and I was fishless!  DOH!!!   :smt010

I started a shallow drift in 30-40' of water and felt a bite promptly gone stiff.  Obviously I was wrapped on a kelp stalk but was hoping the fish would stay on.  It did and I put my 1st gopher in the boat.  About this time I heard hooping and hollering which was 49'erfan landing his pig.  No joke, right where the X is on my map below.  DOH!  Just goes to show a lot of the time it is the right place at the right time!

I continued to work the kelp line in 30-50' and started scraping up gophers every 30 mins or so.  A lot of work for gophers but I needed fish to put food on the table!  Given conditions and how hard everyone was working to stay in position, I wasn't surprised to hear a radio check after 11AM.  A lot of people started heading in, but I was resolved to keep working towards a limit.  I kept drifting and about Noon started getting a few blacks, which I was happy about!  Allowed the drift to take me over to the left circle (North area) straight out from the ridge separating the two coves towards the North shore of the North cove.  I managed to pick up a nice China, my first one, and then Gophers. 

I kept redoing the drift and was closing in on my limit but I looked around and noticed I was the only yak out!  :smt006  I am all about being safe and despite being one fish shy, common sense got the better of me and I paddled in.  Hightide (I think?? Sorry if I got it wrong!!) helped me get my Wheelz on and my initial thought was to just pull my whole rig all the way up the hill but based upon an offer to get a ride to the top from SCTrace, (Thanks!!) I was given a free ride back to my truck then drove down and got the yak.

I snapped a few pics of the catch and the cove from the top of the wall.  Not the greatest of shots, but its all I got!  I didn't get to stay too long at the after party since I still had a long drive back to Vacaville for my sons game today.  Next time I'll be sure to reserve both days so I can party it up and fish 2 days!!  Thanks Bloodbath for putting this together!  Was a blast!

3 Blacks (1 small one under the pile you can't see), 1 China, 5 Gophers

South cove with the obvious wash rocks in the pic

North Cove

The area that produced for me overlaid on Google Maps


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Can't wait for pix to start surfacing!
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Oh man, that is a hawg ling! Awesome job there Anthony  :beer3

Thanks for the teaser, looking forward to seeing more pic and reports!! :D Wtg brothers!!


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