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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: 06.12.2011 ARW Live Report  (Read 4440 times)

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-Chaeki missed 1
-G-Whiz missed 1
-Someone caught 1 shorty
-Power boat caught 1 (**^%#}{}^^)

Weather is nice!! 70 members showed up!

-Someone reporting of a 1 min sleigh ride, no catch

-Someone just caught a 4 foot leopard shark
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I wasn't feeling well this morning so I had to bail. Thanks for the live report.
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Cool; thanks. I wanted to head out there this morning and watch and learn how you guys do whatcha do, but I had to do some cleaning. Oh yea, fun. Good luck ladies and gents,,,touch a bunch of quality fish.


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thanks for doing the live report..
I too had to bail at 115am... had to fly to SoCal on short notice but I will try to catch everyone in later afternoon before everything wraps up...

I was bummed cuz  I was tasked with picking up the shiners for the Loose Screws.. Had to unload my car in the wee early morning hours and seeing the yakkers OTW from the Bay Bridge this morning really underscored that I  was missing out..

Anyway...good luck everyone out there today..


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Thanks for the live update, sorry to hear that you and Glenn missed one so far. Hope there's more bites to come for y'all!! Looking forward to the report :D


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I had to bail, time to go home and watch the kid, lol.  Will post video video of the ocean, once I get home.

Good luck y'all?!!!


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Nice weather today on the water; better than previous attempts. Unfortunately, didn't boat any fish; had one scratch, but that's it.  Started the day with 4 1/2 shiners; one gave up before sending him down to work and one jumped out as I was adding more water in the baitbucket. Drifted for a while while Chaeki trolled hoochies along side; zippo for both. Then as we started f-ing around while being bored, my line starts scream... stupid me forgot it was on a circle hook and shiner came unbuttoned.... that's was it for me!

Thanks Eric and crew for putting this all together; had a blast being seeing fellow NCKA brothers again. Dogs, chips and soda were a welcome sight after being on the water for 6 hours with no food!!!! Congrats to all the winners and hope to see you all at PIF Paddle in a couple of weeks or ALBION next month.

I'll post pictures later, gotta clean the gear and put it all away!!!
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Now I know why I have not fished in the salt too much. Damn cleaning! Had fun, but no fish.
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Thanks Eric and Fisherman's Warehouse for another great event.  The fishing was slow but as always the company was great.  I caught and released one short Butt and lost a bigger one right at the surface.  No pictures so maybe it was just a dream.  It was great to finally get a little sunshine on the water.  I'm thinking everything is just going to happen late this year.  Maybe July will be the big butt month?



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Can't thank Eric and F/W enough! Everything was great, but the fishing; slow.

G-Whiz, if you can find a piece of foam from an old dock, the blue stuff, your yak will be PATRIOTIC! :smt044  I got nothing but love for you brutha!
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Thanks for another great event Eric!

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Sorry I didn't get any action shots... when I missed my butt... I was on my Iphone posting to NCKA, so I didn't have a chance to turn on the GoPro~!!! hahahaha


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Lilriverman battling a bat ray. First sleigh ride!
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Thanks to all who attended
Sorry for the late report,
What can I say that hasn't been said already
Fishing was slow at best
After Party was great with lots of familiar faces
food was eagerly welcomed .
We had record attendance with 75 anglers
Too bad only a few fish.

Congratulations to the top anglers:

      1st Place 
  Paul La (of Texas)
   32 7/8" Halibut

      2nd Place
Francisco Guerrero
    32 1/2" Halibut

       3rd Place
    Tony Guerrero
   31 1/2" = Halibut

Honorable Mentions:

Sunny (Sailfish)
    46" Shark

Niko Von Broembesen
     21 3/4" Striper

Marcos Marroquin
   20 1/2" Striper

Thank you all for attending I had a great time
I'll let the pics tell the details.

See Ya Soon,
Eric / Yakhopper
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After Party
Hobie Revo-13 (Blue)
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