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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: ARW YAKHOPPER 6-13-2010  (Read 6891 times)

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All cleaned up and deslimed.  (1) I would like to say thanks for being able to participate in one of NCKA's events.  (2) I would like to say it was nice meeting a whole bunch of great guys and gals.  (3) I definetly wants to say a big thanks to the sponsors who provided the great gifts.   (4) I definetly want to say thanks to our NCKA brother(s) who helped set this event up.  (5) I cannot forget to say thanks to the 14.2lb, 33.5in halibut who allowed me to catch him, thereby winning this first able to participate event.  frozen herring, cut off head to make smaller bait, wanted to just catch any hali, even if small, didn't quite work out that way. 
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congratulations again on  such a nice  hali, well  deserved it was a pleasure meeting you.( thanks for smoked  hali it was delicious) zisco
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boy i hope you have pants in in that last pic :smt044 great fish though and nice to see everyone at the wall  :smt006
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Great halibut!  WTG winning the tourney!   :smt001

Gotta love that Trough Extension too.   :smt004
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What a HawG!!!!

  WEll Done...  Can't wait to see more......
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whoo Hoooo!! Alright Martin, way to go bud! You really are on fire with the big fish this year. After radio'n you for status this mornin while drinkin coffee, and hearing you caught that beast, the wife was sure you would be the winner. Congrats again on the win and catch, you deserve it. Now it's time for norcal rockfish!


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I won 2nd place today. Right at the launch I ask Yakhopper," if I catch a halibut at 12:55 are you going to let me bring it in?" Now this was all in good fun. Right? Anyway it was a tough bite today  Anyway, the water was fast and muddy and i was thinking that the tide will be close to the top just as the tourney ends at1pm. No love for me today up till 12:55pm. NO SHIT! The water was looking a bit clearer down by the flagpole so I though I would finish my day down there. Fish right till the fucking end! Tap, tap FISH ON . I radio Yakhopper that I have a fish hanging at 5 minutes to go. He says he will give me till 1:15 to have the photo or the fish at the table. I am fishing with 12 lb test and a 25 lb leader. I am a bit jacked to say the least. So i just try to relax and play the fish as I would any other time. Novofish and Naoaki roll up and cheer me on. Tony took some pics and I cant wait to see them. I net the fish , equalize it with the ball peen , string it. and start paddling for the launch. Laughing my ass off at my stupid good fortune and just thinking that I called it at the launch 5 hours earlier has me giddy beyond belief. The fish goes 32.25 and its good enough for 2nd place. I am blessed. I also met some new friends today. B.A., Da Blazer. We talked about going to high school in Oaktown and I'll be damnned if BA didnt go to Skyline too. Great day, great people. Ricci, you and your gal are just way cool. I'm so glad you guys are in NCKA. Craig. Bird and Mooch ,I missed you both today! Moochie I hope that you are feeling Ok today. I think about you every day I want you to know that. Your brother on the water and in Life, Craig
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Sounds like a great day.  Congrats to both 1st and 2nd place finishers.  Sounds like a decent day.

Wish I could have made it today but instead spent the day watching my beloved Gigantes sweep the A's.

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Two Nice ass fish, fellas.

Glad the tourny was a success.

I gotta make one of 'em to support our brother Yakhopper.

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I knew you was gonna do well Craig! Ha ha that's awesome that you called it at the launch too. Stoked for all you guys that caught fish in what sound like some pretty tough conditions.

Hope I can make the next one!



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Congratulations guys glad you had a good day , wish I could have joined you.
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congrats to all the winner's and thanks to yakhopper for putting this thing on it was a real tough day out there :smt010
the last time i fished water that brown was January what a mess :smt009 hope next sat looks better

For you that may be interrested I will be fishing on wed will post when I get a better weather pic.
with the big tides i will be looking at Alcatraz or or the big blue :smt007
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Hell yeah! Some butt action! Good job out there guys.
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Congrat to the winners.  Craig, that could be the fish that broke Chad's leader yesterday when we anchored at the flag pole.  Did you see a hook hanging in his mouth?  :smt003
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Nice fish! Congrats to the winners.