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Topic: Davenport Derby  (Read 4012 times)

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the swell was big and leftover windchop made it uncomfortable, even  before the winds kicked up arond 10am....

A few gophers, a nice greenling, and topped off by  Mr Ernie Mondohead with a 30" FLATTIE!!

WTG Ernie!!

Good times, good friends, and good dogs on the beach afterward.

Thanks Eric for the Get-together.


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Congrad on the nice Hali catch and winner of the derby Ernie!  Thanks for the report Allen.
"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...it's about learning how to dance in the rain."

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Had a super time even though I didn't bring a yak.  Will post pictures soon!


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good time would have been better without the wind and now there is a big dent in the seat of my yak were my butt was holding on  :smt044
like a one legged duck always going in circles
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That was some nasty swell/wind wave action today.  Coming back in with the steep following sea definitely had some pucker factor going.  Fishing could have been better but the company was excellent.

Managed to dump it on launch, thats unusual for me.  I usually dump on landing :smt003  Gotta love the trident, nothing lost cuz its all inside the hull.

Mendoheads halibut was a worthy winner, he earned it paddling way out solo.   :salut:

Thanks to Eric, Fishermans Warehouse and Ocean Kayak for another fun event.
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Was a terrific time, despite the wind, swell and slow-to-no action, skunk for me.   Kudos to Ernie for banging out that nice butt, and the others for the greenling and gophers.    Thanks to Eric for organizing the event.    Enjoyed seeing everyone again.   

Was fun experiencing some more challenging ocean conditions.    StormScrambler -  thanks for pulling my boat out on the landing.   My leg was caught up on my fish clip so i couldnt jump off my boat and i am sure i would have been smacked by a wave had you not pulled my boat up. 

Joe-   It was good partnering with you today.   Glad i saw you going the other way on Highway 1.   I never would have found the place had i not turned around and followed you.

Always so much fun to be on the water with great people.


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Sounds like another great event.  WTG, Eric and all involved.  Congrats, Ernie - sounds like a well deserved victory!   :smt001
Quote from: e2g
Mendoheads halibut was a worthy winner, he earned it paddling way out solo.   :salut:

Right on!   :smt038
I am a licensed guide.  DFW Guide ID:  1000124.   Let's do a trip together.

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I was one of the ones on the longer list of skunkees.  :smt009

Conditions were tough, but as always it was good to put a few more names and faces with NCKA handles! Great meeting all you guys, and looking forward to the next time we wet a line (or crack a brew) together.

Just a walleye fisherman from MN tryin' ta get salty!


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Hi Yakers:

          I hadn't fished Dav. since Bill and I booked a trip in 96'.
I remembered a Tip from Allen about Scotts' Creek having some Butts.
          I was was the last to launch because the shore break and Rip
took a little time to figure, a safe way out. I Launched a little N. of
the Stairway and follow the Rip parallel to the shore. The Rip gave me the extra boost  needs to crash thru the shore break into deep water.
          The conditions forced me to forget about making Bait and go with Dead Anchovies from Boccie Boy . I use a three-way w 1# Ringer Owner Flyline tied to a 3ft 25 Lb P-line X on a CalStar 700, !5Lbs Test Penn310 GTI Reel
          I caught my Butt in 65 Pulls ( No FF Sorry) about 100 Yds to the outside of the Kelp.
          My wife was really happy be case I make a fish Dinner fit for a Queen.  :smt008
                                                                Thanks Eric

P.S. My Rod/ Reel/Tackle are all from
FisherMans' Warehouse. :smt002
FW 2009 RF Derby King Davenport, Ca.


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Hooray for Ernie! 

Time for a new Avatar picture, my man.....

Time for some pictures on this thread.

Time for me to remember to say THANKS ERIC KAIA!!!


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Thanks Eric for another great event.The highlight of my day was shooting the shizz and watching the surf with the NCKA crew...friends new and old.

I knew the wx was going to be snotty, but after 10AM it was borderline unfishable with some jumbo sets, mixed seas and 15kt wind.Coming around the point in following seas was a workout. I even had to slap a brace when a wind wave spun me sideways into a trough.My first true skunk in quite a while.I fished swimbaits, iron, scampi and squid for nada.I couldn't catch a gopher on shrimp fly and squid to save my life.

The first rate crew and the beauty of the wild coast were worth showing up for despite the snotty wx and no fish.
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Big big swells and no fish but good company. Thanks Eric and Fisherman's Warehouse for supporting yak fishing.
a special thanks to Stormscrambler when my landing went from perfect to a disaster. Lesson learned - unleash your paddle so it doesn't wrap around your legs when you jump off !!!!! Nice guys like Stormscrambler are a blessing when your gear is floating in the surf and you have to swim out for your paddle and make it back in with a bucket and paddle in your arms. Thanks for a steadying hand in the surf Bro. Next time beers on me  :smt004
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The conditions were fun...for tsunami rangers maybe. We had a tiny window of about an hour or two when the wind let up a bit. Jim & I fished some reef in about 70ft. I got two tugs on a big swimbait but they just weren't dedicated enough to get a hookset. Jim got a nice brown RF that ended up being good enough for 2nd place " rockfish master" style :smt003.

 I couldn't keep the smile off my face all morning. It was one heck of a fun paddle.

Congrats to Ernie for showing us how to do it right (you earned that halibut dinner!)

A great crew to fish & hang with on shore, hotdogs & chili & snacks, plus give aways on the hour. Fan-f'fing-tastic! I scored a hat and a nice piece of bamboo (thanks Peter from SF), plus the coveted SCAllen SCKF stickers.
Thanks to Brendan for the frosty ones. I'll bring 'em next time (with ice!)

Big thanks to Eric K and fishermans warehouse for putting on a really fun event that was just my size.

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I got home at about 1:00 today after a great weekend of kayak fishing and hanging out with Picean and Mrs. Picean, the perfect host and hostess.  It's always fun to fish with Sean, but it was frosting on the cake to fish with and talk to all of you kayak fishermen at the derby.  The Pacifico hit the spot, Brendan, thanks.  GOOD JOB, Ernie for paddling up the line against the wind and swell and picking off a primo halibut to win the derby!

The swell was big, the wind rising, and the fishing was sketchy, but everyone went for it anyway.  Very Cool!  Coming in was a bit tricky and I got sideways but I managed not to roll the kayak and Aaron kept me from getting sucked back in the backwash.

Thanks, Eric and Fishermen's Warehouse, for putting on this event and for the great prizes.  How did you know I love hotdogs?  I almost feel guilty winning a beautiful PFD with a little rockfish......almost.

I hope to fish with you guys again soon.  It was great fun!


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Thanks Eric for a great event,  :smt023 and some nice swag.  :smt007

Looking at the wx, I had every expectation of spending the morning chumming--packed the dramamine and all, but forgot to take it. Not even a bit of queasiness, though, so I was able to enjoy the conditions, which were...exhilarating! I've never been in anything that rough. It was definitely challenging, kept me looking over my shoulder constantly, and I did end up taking several large wind waves over the bow. Kind of day that makes you feel lucky to be alive...especially afterwards.  :smt003

Caught a small gopher early on that would have shamed me if it won anything, so he went back. Drop in the karma bucket! Several hours later as the conditions started to get hairy, I landed a 14" greenling that was good enough for third (and a collapsible promar net). Both came on shrimp flies tipped with squid in 80 to 90 FOW.

In all, a perfect day, regardless of conditions. Good to see everyone. Pax, Matthew