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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: ChuckE dominates at ARW  (Read 5475 times)

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ChuckE opened a can on the field.  What else can you say...limits by 0800 for the champ.


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Thanks to Yakhopper for the great event, it was a real treat for me to get to fish in a tourney.

Thanks to Ravensblack for the sabiki. 

Thanks to Jim for the vid...


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Yea, I called Freddie OTW and he said Chuck had 2 before he even got his line wet.
Sounded like a good time for all.
Congrats Chuck E...CHAMP!!!!


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Nice Hali's. I need to get myself up to ARW.


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Damn Chuck, leave me some!
Good goin!
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Very nice fish and report. Good job
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Thanks again to Eric & Fishermans Warehouse for putting on the contest. With all the halibut being caught there today I think I'll be going back soon. Here's a pic of Mike ? from Fresno. Congrats to Chuck, Freddie, Sharky, and all the others that hooked up today.
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Nice Butts!  I fished the same place with Hobie Dave, Friday didn't get a thing.  What kind rig  and bait were you using?



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congrats to chuckE, had a great time out there today weather was great, and a big thanks to eric for putting this on, as for me just one pull down and that was it on a live bullhead, cameron
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Way to go Chuck!


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Great job Chuck!  Nice pics and video!
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Would also like to thank Eric for putting this event on my son and had a good time no keepers but we did catch fish. I got a 21.5 halibut to small and a 46 sturgeon yes I said sturgeon, I was trolling very slowly with a hearing Popsicle with a clouser trailer I guess he liked the clouser, photo and released. My son picked up a bat ray gave hem a pretty good fight. Thanks again Eric and congrats to the ones how placed way to go.

Pic #1 21.5 Halibut
Pic #2 Sturgeon fight
Pic #3 Sturgeon photo-op
Pic #4 Batray on the run
Pic #5 Batray

Pat R   


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Congrats to Chuck, Sharky, Freddie and everyone else who hooked-up!

Thanks Eric, great event.

Good fishing with everyone.
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Thanks Yakhopper for doin' us right. It was a great field of contestants and the weather was just glorious. Sharky what can I say . You are the man. Thanks for the smelt you dealt. Apparently for me even with the best bait I sucked big time. :smt003 Yakuza comes over for photo op and tells me Chuck has his limit already. WOW!. Allen I should have listened to you. I had a real good time today with all of you.Somewhere out there is abait bucket with 5 shiners and a couple of smelt just looking at each other and saying" what the hell did we do wrong". :smt044
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Big thanks to Eric and Fisherman's Warehouse for an awesome time. Also, big thanks to Chucke for hooking myself and Melissa with some bait. We had a blast out there and catching dinner was a big bonus. Nice seeing you all on the water and let's do it again next month.