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Topic: !!GREAT!! Point forecast for coastal waters and the bay/west delta  (Read 673 times)

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Dale L

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For years the NWS has had point forecasts for land areas, which show expected conditions for exact locations versus large areas.  I use it and have found it pretty accurate.

Until recently however it wasn't available for marine areas, which is a pain because you know that even though the marine forecast is for Pt Arena to Pigeon Pt and out 20nm that there has to be some difference in specific areas within that huge forecast range.
It's especially useful in the bay delta where currently you get the same forecast lumped together for the main bay all the way to Rio Vista.

This link will do it for you, it's still "experimental" and I got it off a Coastside post, NOAA/NWS put it out there for testing and comments. I've been looking at it and using it for the last month, and it seems to be the best thing since sliced bread (IMO).

It is a NOAA/NWS product not some aftermarket add-on,,,,

Give this baby a try. Play with it, you can zoom the maps before clicking your spot so you can get some good definition in choosing your spot.



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FYI: In the future please post weather / tide charts on "General Fishing Tips" under the sticky "Favorite Weather & Tide Charts.

Thank you.

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