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Topic: FHC Sonoma  (Read 6359 times)

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Fishin was slow Hunting was slow Chill'n was red hot too many laughs with this crew too tired to post but he is a few shots. Mooch and Adam are sitting around the Campfire right now.
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Group IQ is inversely proportional to the size of the group.

A Steelhead always knows where he is going, but a Man seldom does.


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i have no doubt that there was some top-notch chillin' with that crowd. i'm sorry i couldnt make it.

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Looks awesome, I miss Norcal!  Thanks for the pics, and report,



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Hey Mike, though we did not get a hog, it was an awesome outing. Your steak is the best! But what is best of all is the company. Way to bond with people with the same passion.

Adam and Joel, you guys are really funny. I had a wonderful time.

Jason, you da man! Juan, appreciate the ride. Thanks a bunch ChuckE.

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Sounds like an average time (which means KickAss for NCKA hardcore like you guys!   :smt002)  Great pics of Sonoma's oaky relief, and that's a nice steelie Joel got.  WTG, all.   :smt001
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This was a great get together! I paddled in late on Friday and got to the campsite just before sundown and just in time for Mike's steaks. Thanks Mike, great as usual!  :worship

I trolled the entire 2 miles from the launch to the campsite on Friday, trolled probably another 4 miles Saturday morning, and then the entire 2 miles back to the launch Saturday evening for ZERO fish and only one hit. But, the fishing seemed to be tough for everyone. By the time I left Saturday evening Mooch had caught one steel head and Adam had caught one. No love for the rest of us. I'm going to chalk this one up to "paying my dues" before I catch a fish out of Lake Sonoma.  :yak :fish4

But, this is a gorgeous lake that just has that "fishy" look to it all over the place. I'll be back!
Thanks for organizing this one mickfish, and as usual, great to see everyone again! I'm looking forward to a Del Valle Fishin and Chillin.  :camp
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FYI for the hunters. I hunted this morning from the boat for nothing much more than a great hike and some future spots discovered to visit again. That alone is successful, plus I killed 3 stumps. Once back at camp, a neighboring camper comes trudging up the hill with a 200 pounder! It took 3 people to cart it out, uphill in the sun. He shot it before sunrise on a very foggy morning.
I'm going back very soon.
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Nice looking spot, had to be a good time.  Crazy big looking ant hills, reds?


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Sounds like a good time, to bad I had to squirt paint... damn it looks like Mooch got skinny in that pic with the hanging steelie!
 And I always say this with these fish, but just look at the size of THAT TAIL!
Sorry I had to bail Mike, Im sure I would have had a blast, and NO RAIN!!
Till next time!!


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I don't know Mooch persanally but he looks different from his other pics.  P90x or is it the hair? :smt002

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 And I always say this with these fish, but just look at the size of THAT TAIL!

Ha ha, that was my first thought as well!

Glad someone got a fish, sorry the pigs didn't co-operate.


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I hit it the lake Saturday morning with Naoaki and Ashly.  Fished around the bridge where I have had success with smallies in the past for nothin :smt013.  Trolled up to camp against a slight breeze.  Had lunch with the crew.  Watched Juan teach Joel how to shoot a bow.  I thought for sure that arrow was going in this eye, but he pulled it off.  Just as I decide to head back the wind shifts and now I have to paddle back against the wind.  :smt011.  Had no luck on the way back either.  Hopefully I will get another shot at the smallies before the year end.  Time is running out. :smt010


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Nice fish Mooch...glad to see you with a real trout.


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I had a great time with the boyz. Was the first time I've "roughed it" since i bought the van.... :smt002 It was fun doing the self contained thing. Nice to know I can pack it all in there. I also brought my bow, and did more scouting than anything. Saw some good areas to plan a hunt in the furture. My prize for the trip was a prime mushroom called a "Lion's Mane" Going to make a meal out of it on Tuesday. They are supposed to be one of the best. It's my first one that I found. Also had fun teaching the finer points of baking a spud... :smt002 Fishing was very slowwwww. The fish are still deep. I think the lakes' real close to turning over, and when that happens, it'll be crazy for a couple weeks. As usual, good to see some of the regulars, and good to meet some new.  :smt004 Thanks again for setting it up Mike.