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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Elk 08, GuitarZan is The Man!!!  (Read 15731 times)

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 ConGrats To GuitarZan for a Win with a 20lb. Ling!!!!!! :fishing1

 Lots of Fun watching GuitarZan Wrestle with that Monster... It was Actually more of a Fight " On " the Yak

 Than it was Bringing it to the Boat.... :smt062

 Lots of post to come, but ya get a Teaser because I had to leave Early,

Picked up a Good " Variety " stringer Myself   :smt003  Freezer is now Full, Fish Tacos Kiddies!!! :smt052

Great Time as Always, Thanks Again ScawFish for another successful Event........ :smt004
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Way to go! It looks a bit bouncy out there!   :smt003 :smt003 :smt003


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That water looks pretty nice to me. We did not come up to Elk but did not even launch at Reef, the Fort or Stillwater. The wind was already smokin' at 8am. I'm glad someone got to fish. I am pretty new to this website and look forward to finally fishing someday with you guys.Congrats on that nice ling.
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Nice fish! Congrats!
 Launch looks a lot smoother than I imagined it would be from the weather sites,  and it looks like you didn't have thick fog.
 Looking forward to more reports - maybe there should be an entry fee for the vicarious Elk experience.  Oh, that's right, there is-much less fun sitting at home.   

Dale L

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That launch shot does look better than I expected from the weather reports,  Looking forward to more reports and pics.

Nice fish!!!


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Ben this is your year. Get married and win Elk in the same year. Just need to win BAM and AOTY for the trifecta.

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Right on Ben!  Congrats!!!
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Many, many thanx too the Whites and everyone who puts this together, that pretty much means everyone.
Always a great time time, but talk about icing on the cake!
The ling was actually only 17.5 on the official scale, my personal best, caught on a helpfull greenling, who was released after his brave adventure. My hero. What a fiasco at the net, he had every op to get away, but it was in the cards... I cant wait to get some fish blood on the trident, its a beautiful boat.
Lots of fun jamming with the crew, hanging and talkinbg fish-smack, we cant wait for BAM.
Ill try not to space the name tags this time.
And btw, this was not the longest ling, only 34 1/2, but just a P.I.G., HOG!
And congrats to Levi and Allen on 2nd and 3rd place!
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Nice job Ben!  Glad to hear that you guys had a great weekend...looking forward to the rest of the reports!  :smt003
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Congrats Ben, Ely and Allen. Well deserved :smt023
Hey Ben, I'll see you in a couple of weeks at the MBK derby :fishing2.



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Big Congrats to Ben on the win!  You stuck with your plan and it paid off.  Gotta love it when it all comes together like that!  Well deserved victory!

Had a great time as well and once again, HUGE kudos to the White family for putting on this massive shindig.  Everything about this event seems to get better and better every year.  The food was off the hook... just incredible!

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Congrats to Ben / First Place * Levi / Second Place * and Allen / Third Place  :groupwave

more pics/report to come....


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Congrats to all!!!!!!!!! Looks like everyone had a great day.

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Thanks to the White family once again for a memorable weekend.  It was real cool gettin to meet a bunch of guys for the first time, or even talking to some guys for the first time who have been at Elk before. 

I had a blast!!!! :smt003

Ben, congrats on the win. 
To Levi and Allen, good job also, as always Elk is challenging and you guys stepped up with Lings over 10 lbs.  Most of us others average 5 to 9 lbs.  In fact, I think there were only 18 Lings weighed in.  Makes placing in the top 3 a little more rewarding. 

Leah, thanks for making sure I had food before the drive home.  That was very sweet of you.  You, Sean and the family are top notch in my book. :smt023

It was good BS'in with all you guys there.  To BobN, dude, you and your girl rock!!! :headbang:  Thanks for the beer and ribs, delicious!  Always a pleasure being around NCKA peeps.  JTF
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