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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Mahi wins CSBA  (Read 5643 times)

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I was too busy working the event to take pics etc. but a yak won!!!  Mahi tied with a 9 pound 11.5 ounce fish that went to sudden death and his fish was longer so Mahi took the honors and $372 bucks!  Congrats brother!!!!

Great turn out with all of the usual suspects.  Thanks to everyone that helped and thanks for the MLPA beers!
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yeeeehaw! way to represent mahi!!!

Can't wait to hear the rest of the stories, esp the 1st place tale.

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wow, great news! congrats to mahi.
john m. airey


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Love it :smt007

 year of " The Mahi "?

 Monster Strugie, now this????
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Love Baja…  :smt055


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Way to represent Dan.  Good stuff.  Minnow, artificial, ...?  Can't wait to hear the report. :smt007

I had a good feeling about today, glad a yaker took first place.



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Nice work Dan, F' yeah brother!


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  • thanks for the pic PAL!
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Congrats brother Dan! You are having a smoking year so far. Bring on the Rockfish!!


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Way to go, Dan!  Good Times!   :smt001
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Thanks everyone! What a cool deal. I'll give it a quick rundown.

I got to the lake around 6 am and paid the admittance fee. I launched at the North end and paddled toward the cove next to the river inlet. I had two minnows dragging behind me. BENDO! I get dragged around at 1.5mph for a few minutes before I land Mr Striper. First fish in the boat, so I clip him and take him for a drag.

About 5 minutes later with one old special agent and one new one, BENO! Mr Striper II put up an identical fight. I grab him but the lip with my hand (the only pure way to land any bass) and hold him up to my other striper and they look real close to the same size.

Footnote : it's cold, my hands are numb, everyone see me catch two fish in the cove and are coming for me in droves.

Back to the story. While holding Mr Striper II, he decides he wants to go back into the water, so he gives me a big shake and, in slow motion, slips out of my grasp and into the water. No big deal, as the one clipped to my boat is about the same size, which I thought was about a 7 lbs 8th place fish.

I spend the next two hours making my way to Barn Cove. When I get there I get another hook-up. Fight is going good when BENO on the other rod. A Double! Both of these fish are about the same size, which is a little smaller than Mr clip fish.

I spend the rest of the morning in the inlet where I land a couple of LMB.

Since weigh in is at 1 pm, and it's about 14 to noon, I decide to call it a day. I hook up with Sean and he weighs Mr Striper in at 9 lbs 11.5 oz. Since he's the only fish that's been weighed in, he's leading the pack. Unbelievably a guy brings in a fish that weighs exactly the same as mine. Those two fish end up at the top at the end, so it gets down to length. I inch him out by about 1/2 inch and win it for NCKA!

I only forgot one thing.....to take a photo of the winning fish.  :smt013



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Awesome. Congrats on winning the tourney. You Ukiah guys have the striper fishing dialed in.


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Way to pull off the win Mahi! Just awesome. I have a feeling we may be seeing more kayaks on Mendo pretty soon... or a lot of PB'r yak haters!! :smt044



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Great report Dan!  You had me on the edge of my seat. 

After reading your accounts, I'm sure glad the Mr. Striper was big enough to win it, otherwise it might have been the case of the "one that got away" and wondering if Mr. Striper II would have taken the top prize.

Out of curiosity, how many fish were weighed in?  Doesn't sound like there was much carnage done overall - which is good news for the lake.



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Good job my man.  Will you still speak to me now that you are so famous?