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2014 AOTY/DOTY Entry

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You may be aware that the Santa Cruz Harbor plans to severely curtail or close salmon fishing within the harbor.

Their current proposal would allow fishing from the Harbor entrance jetties only, with “in-harbor” fishing constrained to specific “approved events” only. Only an incoming tide of public opinion can sway the Port Commission before their decision meeting on July 21.

That’s why we are asking you to email the Port Commission Public Comment and register your support for continued fishing within the harbor, for those several weeks that the king salmon may be congregating there. It provides a rare opportunity for many youth and anglers without a way to get out on the Bay to experience fishing for king salmon and to bring something nice to the family table.

Please email your comment supporting this awesome resource- King Salmon fishing in the Santa Cruz Harbor to:


and CC:


Feel free to use any or all of the following message in your comment:

We urge the Santa Cruz Port Commission to adopt regulations that will allow continued fishing for King Salmon within the Santa Cruz Harbor, particularly the North Harbor area.

We feel the fishing can be managed and regulated to minimize impact on the Harbor resident population and infrastructure, and remind the Commission that funding sources are available to support this effort.

Fishing for salmon is a part of our culture and a reason early settlers came to the Monterey Bay. These fish play a large role for the Harbor also.

And, no one can put a price on denying a shore angler, especially the kids, the magical and momentous experience of catching a big King Salmon. Please take the offer from members of your community to formulate a collaborative plan that can help minimize the problems for the Harbor, while maximizing our salmon fishing opportunities.


Hello Kayak Anglers!

Dave and Jessica Grigsby are proud to announce the Kayak Connection Fishing Derby 2014.

$35 entry fee

Largest Game fish wins the tourney!

Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place (TBD)

All proceeds go directly to The Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Project   mbstp.org

Signups:  http://www.kayakconnection.com

Or call: 831-479-1121

I will update this posting as we hear back from our sponsors about prizes.

In the meantime please come and visit the Kayak Connection in Santa Cruz, CA
We have a Pro Shop with all the essential gear for your ocean adventures and fishing stuff too!
Located at: 413 Lake Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Trinidad Rockfish Wars 4 (TRW4) is set for Sept. 13th 2014. Please check out the links below for all the tournament details and to sign up for the tournament. Everything is done on-line now. Sign up early for your gift basket and free t-shirt! Yes, we are doing t-shirts this year! We got a lot of wonderful feedback this year and made some changes to the format of the tournament. Overall, we are really excited about this years tournament. There are only 100 seats available, get you seat while we have room. We hope to sell out this tournament. As usual this tournament is 2 person teams. If you don't have a teammate, sign up anyway and we will partner you up! Look forward to seeing everyone out there.

Please feel free to promote this tournament via Facebook too. Once you click through the links you will see a Facebook icon that allows you do to that.



Date: Sunday, August 17th

Time: Paddle from 9am to 12 noon. Huge Raffle and legendary NCKA Potluck at 2PM

Location: Monterey Bay Park at Del Monte Beach (next to MBK)

Paddle: Del Monte beach to Red Can (map below)

For those who don't know, PIF stands for Pay it Forward, and this will be the fifth year that we have organized a paddle to honor and celebrate our brothers battling Cancer and other serious illnesses, along with a fundraising drawing to help raise some much needed $$ for them.

We raised over $6,000 at the 2010 PIF, over $9,000 at the 2011 PIF, over $7,900 at the 2012 PIF, and over $10,000 at the 2013 PIF.

This year the recipient of the PIF funds will be Hailey Pass, daughter of NCKA member bp aka porky who has been battling a variety of medical issues up at Stanford....

$20 tickets can be purchased at event and before hand via PayPal.

Just put in remarks PIF TICKETS and I will make sure you get the right amount of tix put in the drawing.


Grand prize will be a Jackson Kayak Cuda14!!  :smt004

Please post up any prize donations here and I will post a list of all the prizes here.

Every dollar counts and helps! Get your family and friends to come out to join the fun and/or buy a ticket!!


Here is a list of prizes so far (and names of who will be bringing them)

1. Jackson Kayak Cuda14 Kayak (BigJim)
2. AquaBound Manta Ray Hybrid Paddle (BigJim)
3. 2 NCKA HawgTroughs (HereFishyFishy)
4. Hand made Sculptures (Guitarzan)
5. Crab Traps (Sctrace)
6. Custom Metal Artwork   (FishingForThe Cure)
7. Lowrance FF (Wingshooter)
8. Quantum cabo pts conventional rod 7' medium action (Dune12)
9. NeverSummer SnowBoard and bag (TheDudeAbides, paid forward from 2013 PIF!)
10. Skate stuff and schwag from NHS (FishFlogger)
11. Custom built spiral wrapped Kokanee/trout dowwnrigger rod (Goz)
12. Okuma Avenger bait runner reel (FISHSHADOW)
13. Large Ego2 Slider net (bmb)
14. 3 GoBroGrips (BigJim)
15. Beuchat Mundial backpack (Mikemcg)
16. Fishing goodies (Yakhopper)
17. 2 $50 gift certs from Dick's Sporting Goods (SisterMooch)
18. MTI Dio Fishing PFD (gatorgrigs/Kayak Connection)
19. 2 fishing trips on TigerFish SportFishing (Old#7)
20. G. Loomis Pelagic Rod (Nelson Kwok)
21. 55 gallon Smoker/BBQ (TW)
22. BadAss Lamiglas rod (Trianglelaguna)
23. Wood Whale carving (LilRiverMan)
24. Framed SF skyline art by Rachel, Joel's sister (Dr. Habanero, paid forward from 2013 PIF!)
25. Bending Branches shirts and bilge sponges (vwool)
26. Safety Gear package from MBK (CenCoast)
27. Free Guided Trip with LoletaEric/AbKing! (CenCoast)
28. Brand new 28 inch black Salmon net (JJQ)
29. Free Guided Trip with Santa Cruz Kayak Fishing (CenCoast)
30. 2 six packs of 'Gardner Rot Gut' wine (BrianG)
31. Portable Football Game (guitarzan)
32. Oneil wetsuits basic skins long sleeve crew black 2xl (Bulldog)
33. 8 inch kayak hatch with interior bag new in the box (Bulldog)
34. $50 gift cert from Rubber Soul Bicycles (YakHopper)
35. Standard Horizon HX150 Floating Handheld VHF Radio (AlsHobie)
36. Scotty SEA-Light for Paddling Safety (vwool)
37. Lowrance Kayak Scupper Transducer Mount (vwool)
38. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine (vwool)
39. Abachar Lingprint (BigJim)
40. Guitarzan Fish Scuplture (BigJim)
41. MoochStrong leather taxiwallet (BigJim)
42. Shark Rig (BigJim)
3. NorthFace and AutoDesk bags (SteveS)

Hope to see you all there!!!




About the White Seabass
The white seabass (Atractoscion, nobilis) is not a bass but a member of the croaker family and is related to the California corbina. White seabass (WSB) occur from Juneau, Alaska south to Baja California. They are usually found in areas of rocky bottom and around kelp beds. White seabass are present in California waters all year long. They spawn in kelp beds in the spring and summer. In the fall they form large schools and feed on spawning squid. In the winter they head off-shore following the squid and other baitfish. They can swim 300 miles in 2-3 months. White seabass feed on anchovies, pilchards, herring, and other fish, as well as on crustaceans and squid. The average weight of a 28-inch fish is 7 1/2 pounds. The all-tackle record is 83 pounds, 10 ounces.

The white seabass is a fish that has been much sought after commercially and by anglers. Its dense flesh is white and tender and highly valued, but it spoils quickly without proper care. White seabass landings have fluctuated considerably over the past century, with the commercial take ranging from a high of 3.4 million pounds in 1959 to a low of 58,000 pounds in 1997. The white seabass are making a tremendous comeback after years of pollution and gill netting took their toll. United Anglers assisted in getting legislation passed which now prohibits gill nets within three miles of the coastline. The Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute operates the white seabass hatchery at Carlsbad.  The researchers and volunteers have raised, tagged and released approximately 413,000 juvenile seabass into the waters of Southern California since 1986.

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