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2016 AOTY/DOTY Entry

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Hey Gang,  here is the link to the signup page for this year's Trinidad Rockfish Wars.  It just went live today!


Hope to see you all there!

One F

Here' the sign ups so far for TRW6.  Remember, it's ONLY $25 and that includes a T-shirt if you get signed up by the cutoff date.  Just follow the link at the top of the thread and get 'er done!  It's going to be a fun time and the prizes are shaping up to be epic again this year!


1.    Cheylee Anderson, Evan Anderson - The Reel Deal
2.    Jim Galsterer, Ron Friedland - Old Dogs
3.    Michael Tibbet, Brad McNeil - OCB
4.    Forrest Johnson, James Pool - Flyslayers
5.    Armando Ortiz Rios, Remberto Majano - Ecko
6.    Joshua Smith, Owen Reed - Rock Bottom
7.    Chelsea Hayes, Cameron Anderson - Oh My Cod!
8.    Jef Brewer, William Wirt - Pac Out Ukiah
9.    Garret Turntine, Kenny Baker - Shark Bait
10.  Chris Mayes, Matthew Mayes - The aMayesing Brothers
11.  Matt Berry, Bryan Cooke - Swim Shady
12.  Ron Saufferer, Terry Saufferer - Bald Eagles
13.  Michael Franceschi, Joel Franceschi - The Franceschi Brothers
14.  Tim Duffy, Ryan King - Screaming Reels
15.  Loren Crotty, Tyja Taube - Team Ramrod
16.  Scott Thorpe, Carlos Thorpe - Wolfpack
17.  Brandi Easter, Doug Kaber - Humboldt Hookers
18.  James Pratt, Mike Lavoie - Bottom Pounders
19.  Jaime Gonzaga, Graham Gonzaga - ???
20.  John Calvert, Daniel Puertas - Dogwood
21.  Pete Sciucchetti, Matt Whisenhunt - Straight Hook
22.  Teddy Manley, Javier Perez - Sketchy Solutions
23.  Scott Cordtz, Tyler Mickielson - ????
24.  Mike Sawyer, Ron Krznarich - Plug Ugly Smoke Eaters
25.  Boyd Meridith, Kevin Knauff - Pinnacle
26.  Lloyd Chasey, Raydon Shippey - Snaggers
27.  Eddie Willis, Jason Graves - EDUB Outdoors
28.  Chad Martel, Jay Saton - Lumberyaks
29.  Michael Herman, Stephen James - Balls Deep Bottom Jigger&#039's
30.  Allen Bushnell, Allen Sansano - Team Allen
31.  Dylan Taube, Kyle Monte - ???
32.  Chad Johnson -
33.  Chad Britton - CCKF
34.  Matt Darcy - Guerilla Jiu-Jitsu
35.  James Kimball
36.  Tim Weaver -
37.  Daniel Puertas -
38.  Brian Siepert -
39.  Rob Bray -
40.  Jon Vanwater -

and it includes a tournament t-shirt

This years raffle will benefit our own Amos Foreman. As many of you already know SuperVato aka Amos was injured a few months ago by a falling I-beam. Those of you who know will surely know that Amos is pretty tough and not likely to feel sorry for himself. As such it may not be apparent that he has been unable to work since the injury. After a bit of arm twisting he agreed to be the raffle beneficiary on the condition that he not "profit" from it, i.e., he will only accept enough to replace what he has actually lost. Of course I agreed and I asked him to chose a charity to receive any overage. He has chosen the Brain Injury Network. The Brain Injury Network (BIN) is the first brain-injury-survivor-operated, international and USA national, Survivor of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), nonprofit, advocacy organization. (Founded 1998.) This nonprofit organization is for and by the brain injury survivor community.

Feel free to PM me or post on this thread if you have something you'd like to donate to the raffle.

Woohoo! Once again The Headwaters Kayak Shop has stepped up as the headlining sponsor
and once again they are keeping it simple buy offering a
$500 cash prize for the heaviest lingcod.

YeeeHaaaw! our favorite lure sponsors from previous years have agreed to support our tournament yet again.

So let's hear it for LaWanna and Kelly Schulz of

And big thanks to Craig Davis/Ravensblack and Pete Wolf of

And you guessed it our very own Andres Davis/Andy1976 will be providing the irons


Let's hear it for Mike Lavoie/Wingshooter owner of


Tournament central is at group site one just like last year. Camping is $26 per night, per vehicle, but unfortunately they do not take reservations for individual campsites. If you can put together a group they may have other group sites available to reserve. The cost of the group site is $520 for two nights for up to 10 vehicles, additional vehicles are $26 per night, per vehicle. Their telephone number is 707-847-3422

Fish on,
Will order more hawg troughs when 15 prepaid orders are received

NCKA Hawg Troughs now available at $20 each. Limited quantities. First come, first served.

80 troughs sold, 0 troughs available

All proceeds go toward funding fishing trips for kids with cancer, one of Mooch's wishes.

Unfortunately, Paypal is not an option. Cash or personal check only. Requests can be sent to me at:

Howard Joe
4720 Ridpath Street
Fremont, CA 94538

Please include your username, in case I have any questions regarding your request.

Three ways to get your trough:

1.   NCKA Express (anyone traveling in your direction)
2.   Pick up from me.
3.   If you’re REALLY in a hurry for it, pay $9.00 for shipping.

Logos shown below. Measurement numbers are in black.
New vinyl stickers are available.
Vinyl 12 x 12 in. oversize ling stickers (same design as the vinyl 5x5 image) are now available for $20.00 each. The vinyl material is thin; so position carefully before applying.

Vinyl 5 x 5 in. ling stickers are now available for $5.00 each. The vinyl material is thin; so position carefully before applying.

Vinyl Ling

Vinyl 4 x 6 in. OG vinyl stickers (white on black) are now available for $5.00 each. The vinyl material is thin; so position carefully before applying.

Vinyl OG

If you see the sticker listed, the sticker is available.

Free shipping

All proceeds go toward funding a fishing trip for kids, to honor one of Mooch's wishes.

Paypal is not an option. Cash or personal check only. Requests can be sent to me at:

Howard Joe
4720 Ridpath Street
Fremont, CA 94538

Please include your username, in case I have any questions regarding your request.

Or catch me at an event.
About the White Seabass
The white seabass (Atractoscion, nobilis) is not a bass but a member of the croaker family and is related to the California corbina. White seabass (WSB) occur from Juneau, Alaska south to Baja California. They are usually found in areas of rocky bottom and around kelp beds. White seabass are present in California waters all year long. They spawn in kelp beds in the spring and summer. In the fall they form large schools and feed on spawning squid. In the winter they head off-shore following the squid and other baitfish. They can swim 300 miles in 2-3 months. White seabass feed on anchovies, pilchards, herring, and other fish, as well as on crustaceans and squid. The average weight of a 28-inch fish is 7 1/2 pounds. The all-tackle record is 83 pounds, 10 ounces.

The white seabass is a fish that has been much sought after commercially and by anglers. Its dense flesh is white and tender and highly valued, but it spoils quickly without proper care. White seabass landings have fluctuated considerably over the past century, with the commercial take ranging from a high of 3.4 million pounds in 1959 to a low of 58,000 pounds in 1997. The white seabass are making a tremendous comeback after years of pollution and gill netting took their toll. United Anglers assisted in getting legislation passed which now prohibits gill nets within three miles of the coastline. The Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute operates the white seabass hatchery at Carlsbad.  The researchers and volunteers have raised, tagged and released approximately 413,000 juvenile seabass into the waters of Southern California since 1986.

Read More

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