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2016 AOTY/DOTY Entry

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Last Week for SIGNUPS!  Support your local Salmon!!.


is taking sign-ups. (Entries Final February 8, 2016)

Biggest Perch Wins..  (Equal prize and trophies for Barred Surf Perch and “other perch” as well) 1pm Weigh-in Deadline.

Sign up online using credit card or PAYPAL!  E-Z!
Signup form available on website for mail-in entries
Bayside Marine at the Santa Cruz Harbor also has entry forms and will accept payment at their shop.
Entries end strictly on Feb 8, 2016
The entire volunteer crew love putting on the derby each year. And, together with you we've raised thousands of dollars for the Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Project over the past eleven years.  This is year #12 and it's the biggest and the BEST!
We hope you can make it to the derby again this year. Get your entry in quick, we are limiting to the first 300 entries due to space constrictions at the Portuguese Hall, and we WILL sell out this year! Entries close on February 8th!  So, get on it!
Thanks again and looking forward to seeing you and your winning perch on March 12, 2016!
Allen Bushnell, Mike Baxter, and the Sand Crab Classic Team

Looks like we got the dates set for the 2.5 day Islander trip next year.
It will be the last weekend of June, departing the evening of Sunday the 26th and returning the morning of Wednesday the 29th.

We will have payment info (including cost) shortly.

Please sign up in this thread if you are interested in going.

Let's do this!
NCKA Hawg Troughs now available at $20 each. Limited quantities. First come, first served.

75 troughs sold, 5 troughs available

All proceeds go toward funding fishing trips for kids with cancer, one of Mooch's wishes.

Unfortunately, Paypal is not an option. Cash or personal check only. Requests can be sent to me at:

Howard Joe
4720 Ridpath Street
Fremont, CA 94538

Please include your username, in case I have any questions regarding your request.

Three ways to get your trough:

1.   NCKA Express (anyone traveling in your direction)
2.   Pick up from me.
3.   If you’re REALLY in a hurry for it, pay $9.00 for shipping.

Logos shown below. Measurement numbers are in black.
***This event is only open to NCKA members and family of members***

Crabfest 2016 is around the corner, and for the fifth year Crabfest will be taking place at Doran Beach on January 30, 2016, even if the crabs are not allowed to participate  :smt044.

Date:       January 30th, 2016
Location: Doran Beach, Bodega Bay, CA
                Jetty day use area

Event Sponsors:

The Headwaters Kayak Shop- donating a Vibe Sea Ghost 130 kayak with paddle and seat.
Promar/Ahi USA -Promar Gear
Powell Rods- Powell fishing Rod
YakAttack- Yakattack Gear
Hoo-Rag- Hoo-Rag for each participant, supply is limited.
Klean Kanteen- Klean Kanteens.
Studio A.Bachar- TBA
Eddyline Paddles- Paddle
Kala Brand Music Two Ukuleles
Santa Cruz Kayak Fishing- Guided trip
Real Fish- Custom swimbaits and more.

Schedule of events: (Times may change due to weather)

7:30am (Sunrise)  - Registration Begins
7:45am  - Derby Begins
12:30pm "Weigh-in" deadline
12:30pm- Potluck lunch ( may be earlier due to weather)
1:30pm  - Awards Ceremony and Raffle
                (all proceeds from the raffle will go to www.DYF.org) Tickets only $1
2:00pm- Clean up

Here are the new rules.

There will be three categories for this perch event: Kayak, Shore and Junior Division (17 and under). Single biggest perch in each category wins. 

You may fish wherever you want within the Doran Beach Campground with whatever you want casting from shore, kayak and within current DFG regulations. For the Kayak category, kayaks must launch from either the Jetty Day Use area or Harbor side. Please be aware of the boating channel.

To be eligible for any prizes you must check in by the cut-off time. The winner in each category will be awarded a prize. All prizes will be given after the potluck followed by the raffle benefiting Diabetes Youth Families.


1. All fish entered must be caught using methods deemed legal by the California Department of Fish and Game. All adult anglers over the age of 16 must possess a current California fishing license while engaged in fishing for the event. Shore and kayak fishing only, no boats or motors allowed.

2. You will be required to wear a PFD or life jacket while competing off of a kayak and it is suggested while shore fishing. You are also required to have a charged and functioning VHF radio while competing.

3. The entire fish must be photographed laying straight on a measuring board with either the fishes top or bottom jaw touching the boards end (0” mark). Fish will not be allowed at the check-in table.

4. All fish photos must be presented for weigh-in at the official measuring station by 12:30 pm on event day.

5. Fish caught prior to the day of the Derby are ineligible.

6. All scoring photos must include the tourney wrist band with your name clearly showing. Wristbands will be available at the check-in table located in the Jetty Day Use Area.
7. All perch species and only perch species are eligible for the Derby.

8. Winners will be determined by the single PERCH of greatest length. Should two or more fish tie for greatest length, event host will decide on a method to determine the winner.

***Rules and times can be changed at any time by event host.
Modify message

Fishing and Crabbing is not necessary to participate in the event. If you do not want to go out on the water you do not have to, it is up to you. 

Clothing and gear info can be found at  www.norcalkayakanglers.com/index.php?topic=69995.0

About the White Seabass
The white seabass (Atractoscion, nobilis) is not a bass but a member of the croaker family and is related to the California corbina. White seabass (WSB) occur from Juneau, Alaska south to Baja California. They are usually found in areas of rocky bottom and around kelp beds. White seabass are present in California waters all year long. They spawn in kelp beds in the spring and summer. In the fall they form large schools and feed on spawning squid. In the winter they head off-shore following the squid and other baitfish. They can swim 300 miles in 2-3 months. White seabass feed on anchovies, pilchards, herring, and other fish, as well as on crustaceans and squid. The average weight of a 28-inch fish is 7 1/2 pounds. The all-tackle record is 83 pounds, 10 ounces.

The white seabass is a fish that has been much sought after commercially and by anglers. Its dense flesh is white and tender and highly valued, but it spoils quickly without proper care. White seabass landings have fluctuated considerably over the past century, with the commercial take ranging from a high of 3.4 million pounds in 1959 to a low of 58,000 pounds in 1997. The white seabass are making a tremendous comeback after years of pollution and gill netting took their toll. United Anglers assisted in getting legislation passed which now prohibits gill nets within three miles of the coastline. The Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute operates the white seabass hatchery at Carlsbad.  The researchers and volunteers have raised, tagged and released approximately 413,000 juvenile seabass into the waters of Southern California since 1986.

Read More

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