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2015 AOTY/DOTY Entry

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Ok. Here we go. The forms are up. I will fill in some details soon. The format will be the four original specie. Lingcod, Cabezon, Greenling and Rockfish. You may have three fish in your bag. No duplicates. The heaviest bag wins the tournament. There will be plaques for 1st 2nd and 3rd. Made by Sean Walker/ Piscean. These will be colorful and highly sought after items. There will be a special prize for the heaviest salmon and the longest abalone. We are not sure about next year at all right now. The State is planning to replace the bridge possibly so this may be the last Albion. There will be a raffle. We went this year with a modification of the original artwork from 2010. The proceeds after cost from the raffle and the clothing sales will go to a program called , Circle of Friends. This is a nationwide program in high schools that help students with learning disabilities. Help is provided by other students. The decision to have this group as our charity this year came from Paul Lebowitz who lost his son James earlier this year. James was involved in the program at his high school. In this way we will honor James and Paul who has done so much for the kayak fishing industry and he is one of us. All registrations must be in hand by July 3rd at the latest. There will be no registration at the event this year to simplify things. Please join us this year. Thanks, Craig and Linelle.

Please send along with your payment your name, address, NCKA handle and phone number. Please. If I  am not able to figure out your clothing order I need to be able to get in touch. You need to fill out the registration form AND the waiver. Mail payments to
Craig Davis
125 Rocca Dr.
Petaluma, Ca.   94952

The clothing will be black in color and printed by a local shop who also did the printing in 2010. Which is still holding up very well. I apologize for the issues you had in 2012 and 2014.

The tournament will be on Saturday August 8th. Paddling out anytime you want to in the AM. returning to the weigh station at the fish cleaning table no later than 1 PM. No latecomers will be allowed.

The potluck ( it wont be like last year, that is why there are no big dollar prizes for the tourney) Will be at 5 Pm on Saturday and the awards ceremony and raffle will be shortly there after.

My hope this year is that the tournament returns to what we knew in the past as a family and fun time get together. I am hoping for decreased attendance by those just seeking out prizes and money. Sorry if that offends anyone. Too many people showed up with out bringing items to the potluck and partaking. Thank you for your consideration on this. Last year was the first time ever that I saw that happen at an NCKA potluck and I think its my fault for giving away a grand for first place.

1. Martin Bennett/ Fish and Brew 1 XL Short sleeve tshirt
2. Howard Joe/Hojoman 1XL Hoodie 2 XL Long sleeve Tshirts
3.Victor Donovan/ VK 1 XL Long sleeve Tshirt
4.Jeff Horton/ Seaweed 1 L Hoodie 1 L Short sleeve Tshirt
5.Lloyd Chasey/ Kahuna 1 XL Short sleeve Tshirt
6. Terry Saufferer
7. Ron Saufferer
8. Roger Shu/ RSHU 1L Hoodie
9. Matt Reiter/ Leroy Jenkins
10. Rudy Wosteck/Halibetes 1 ? Hoodie
11. Herbert Reyes/ Herb Superb 1 L Hoodie
12. Ryan Racinez/ Agoodhi 1 L Long sleeve Tshirt
Save the date!
July 18, 2015 in Monterey.
The official 2015 Pay It Forward Paddle event will be held @ the Monterey Bay Group BBQ Picnic area (same beach as MBK).
More details to come. Please let me know if you have any ideas for the event or contributions for the raffle or want to help out.

Pay It Forward (PIF) raises $ throughout the year in a variety of ways (AOTY/DOTY registration fees, annual PIF Paddle and Raffle, donations, raffles put on by events like GS and FreshKats etc).

Historically, this $ has gone to NCKA members battling cancer or other serious illness.
Here is a breakdown of how much $ has been generated via PIF efforts over the years and where the $ has gone:
2010: $6,000+ given to Mooch
2011: $9,000+ given to Mooch/Shicken
2012: $8,000+ given to Mooch/Shicken
2013: $10,000+ given to Mooch
2014: $15,300+ given to Porky's daughter Hailey
2015: $1,120 given to PAL, $2,000+ already in PayPal. Recipient TBD

Original PIF Hook-up Thread - 2010: http://www.norcalkayakanglers.com/index.php/topic,24675.0.html
PIF1 - Santa Cruz, CA - July, 2010: http://www.norcalkayakanglers.com/index.php/topic,25407.0.html
PIF2 - Monterey, CA - June, 2011: http://www.norcalkayakanglers.com/index.php/topic,31860.0.html
PIF3 - Monterey, CA - July, 2012: http://www.norcalkayakanglers.com/index.php?topic=39730.0
PIF4 - Half Moon Bay, CA - July, 2013: http://www.norcalkayakanglers.com/index.php?topic=47903.0
PIF5 - Monterey, CA - July, 2014: http://www.norcalkayakanglers.com/index.php?topic=58127.0

-Gift Certificate to Outdoor Pro Shop / MonsterTackle.com by VK
-GE x400 Digital Camera by BeerHunter
-DSLR Camera Bag by RockHopper
-NHS Santa Cruz skateboards, gear, clothing by FishFlogger
-Custom made piece by FishingForTheCure
-SF Giants tickets by Guitarzan and Craig Soloman
-Rowing Machine by Shoprat
-YakAttack Black Box by Texasboy
NCKA Hawg Troughs now available at $20 each. Limited quantities. First come, first served.

50 troughs sold, 30 troughs available

All proceeds go toward funding fishing trips for kids with cancer, one of Mooch's wishes.

Unfortunately, Paypal is not an option. Cash or personal check only. Requests can be sent to me at:

Howard Joe
4720 Ridpath Street
Fremont, CA 94538

Please include your username, in case I have any questions regarding your request.

Three ways to get your trough:

1.   NCKA Express (anyone traveling in your direction)
2.   Pick up from me.
3.   If you’re REALLY in a hurry for it, pay $9.00 for shipping.

Logos shown below. Measurement numbers are in black.

NorCal FreshKATS Series for 2015

Lake Berryessa, March 21st - Pleasure Cove. Director: Ricci Chavez (Fishworks)
In The Books!
1st John Patz w/621pts for 5 bass=$420 - Championship Qualifier
2nd Daniel Chavez w/588.5pts for 5 bass=$240 - Championship Qualifier
3rd Pat Kuhl w/384.75pts for 3 bass=$160 - Championship Qualifier

Rollins Lake, April 18th - Greenhorn Campground. Director: Mike Lavoie (Wingshooter)
Lake Tahoe, August 29th - Tallac Historic Site. Director: Ricci Chavez (Fishworks)
Clear Lake, October 24th - Clear Lake State Park. Director: Jim Meier (Rockfish)

Championship Event On December 5th
Port of Sacramento - Barge Canal FREE, No Cost!

Entry Fee: $30.00 Per Event
Day of Entry Fee: $35.00 Per Event

FreshKATs Series Rules:
• You MUST be a registered and active member of NCKA.org. If you are not, it's free to join and well worth it.
• This is a tournament series with a "Championship" final event. 
• To participate in the Championship event you must either place in the top 3 at one of the four events or register for all four events (attendance not mandatory). 
• This is a cash prize series and 1/3 of the registration fee money from the first 4 events rolls over to the prize pool at the Championship event. This will give the Championship a large cash pot.
• Once an angler has placed top 3 in one of the qualifying series events, he or she cannot compete in any other FreshKATs Series events. This does not mean you are not allowed to join us. So please come out for the festivities, potluck, camping and to support your fellow anglers. We'll see you top 3's at the Championship.
• The Championship Event is absolutely FREE, a no cost event to participate.
• All AOTY Points Per Inch scoring rules will apply for all fish caught within the FreshKATs Series and Championship Event.

AOTY Scoring Species/Points per Inch List:

Striped Bass = 5.5 pts/in
LandLock Salmon = 9 pts/in
Largemouth Bass = 8 pts/in
Smallmouth Bass & Spotted Bass = 9 pts/in
Trout = 7.75 pts/in
Brown Trout = 7.75 pts/in
Lake Trout (Mackinaw) = 6 pts/in
Kokanee = 10 pts/in
Catfish = 5.5 pts/in
Panfish = 12 pts/in

FreshKATs Event Rules:
• All rules apply to all 4 FreshKATs events and the Championship Event.
• Catch & Release your best five(5) fish per person(chosen by the angler) as scored based on the scoring system below.
• The total points of your best 5 fish as presented on camera will be your score. The photographs resolution must be high enough so we can zoom in and clearly view your wrist band ID#, fish species and size down to the quarter inch. Check your cameras resolution prior and adjust accordingly.
• The entire fish must be photographed laying straight on a measuring board with either the fishes top or bottom jaw touching the boards end (0” mark). We will NOT measure your fish nor will ANY fish be allowed at the check-in table.
• All photo entries must be rounded down to the nearest quarter inch. Don’t risk a disqualification if it’s too close to call.
• All scoring photos must include the tourney wrist band with your name clearly showing.
• Each angler must fill out their own points sheet accurately and submit at the check-in table no later than 1:00.
• We will verify your fish photos at the check-in table and compared against your score sheet. Please have your pictures and measuring board ready for view. You must also be wearing your wrist band.
• All CA DFG rules must be followed.
• You will be required to wear a PFD or life jacket while competing.
• You will be required to have a charged and functioning VHF radio while competing.

Individual wristbands will be available at the check-in table near the launch area one hour prior to start time. The tournament is a shotgun start and begins at sunrise.

Not following any of these rules will result in instant and complete disqualification. All ties and discrepancies will be decided by the tournament director. Know these r
Welcome to the Ninth Annual Gimme Shelter Kayakfishing Tournament.  If you've never attended or followed the history of the GS series, then please spend some time reviewing past threads.  It's a lot of reading, but there's invaluable amounts of information about what we've done over the years - amazing fish caught, awesome diving, excellent competitions and camaraderie, great parties...  Just give it some time, and if you're serious about knowing what's up do this:  go to the "Fishing Events, Tournaments and Trips" page on this forum.  Look at the top blue line that says "Subject / Started by" - look over to the right where it says "Replies / Views" - click on "Views"- the screen will reset to show all posts in that section of the forum in an ascending list of total views.  So click "Views" again and it'll give the descending list, and all of the most viewed posts will be listed right below the pinned posts.  Like this:

All of the history of past GS events is there.  It comes down to this - you can ask questions here and look like a newb (no prob -  :smt001) or you can read all about the past to fill yourself in for the most part.  At least spend some time with a friend (your sponsor...) finding out what the basics are.

The format has changed a bit this year.

We will still have a scoreboard for people to keep track of the usual species, but AOTD will be a Pro Division where only Lingcod, Salmon and Halibut will score - most total inches wins, up to four fish can be entered with no more than two of any species, and the Pro Division entry is $10 more than a basic participant entry.  The cash pot consists of $10 x # of Pro Division entries, and it'll be split among top scorers if it exceeds $500 - TBD by Tournament Director.  Rockfish are out of the competition.  People will keep plenty of rockfish, and that's fine.  The competition will only be focused on the big 3 mentioned, and most prizes will be part of a weighted raffle where you're able to put tickets in the bucket of the prize you want a better chance at - raffle to benefit charities TBA.  The exception to that will be the grand prize - Old Town Predator XL - it will be raffled, and each participant, both basic and Pro Division, will have an automatic entry.

The focus this year is on gathering to enjoy each other and the Cove.

Read the attached information and forms, and ask questions here if you have them.

About the White Seabass
The white seabass (Atractoscion, nobilis) is not a bass but a member of the croaker family and is related to the California corbina. White seabass (WSB) occur from Juneau, Alaska south to Baja California. They are usually found in areas of rocky bottom and around kelp beds. White seabass are present in California waters all year long. They spawn in kelp beds in the spring and summer. In the fall they form large schools and feed on spawning squid. In the winter they head off-shore following the squid and other baitfish. They can swim 300 miles in 2-3 months. White seabass feed on anchovies, pilchards, herring, and other fish, as well as on crustaceans and squid. The average weight of a 28-inch fish is 7 1/2 pounds. The all-tackle record is 83 pounds, 10 ounces.

The white seabass is a fish that has been much sought after commercially and by anglers. Its dense flesh is white and tender and highly valued, but it spoils quickly without proper care. White seabass landings have fluctuated considerably over the past century, with the commercial take ranging from a high of 3.4 million pounds in 1959 to a low of 58,000 pounds in 1997. The white seabass are making a tremendous comeback after years of pollution and gill netting took their toll. United Anglers assisted in getting legislation passed which now prohibits gill nets within three miles of the coastline. The Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute operates the white seabass hatchery at Carlsbad.  The researchers and volunteers have raised, tagged and released approximately 413,000 juvenile seabass into the waters of Southern California since 1986.

Read More

We received a rare and valued  visit at the Bushnell household from none other than Joel Lotilla "The Mooch," as he visited Santa Cruz to pick up his new 500cc scooter.  The machine is like your dad's vespa on steroids.

After a cup of coffee and a visit to the "Ops Center" (my garage), my son Max and I introduced Mooch to some of our pets.

To my knowledge, this is the closest Mooch has gotten to a big snake.

Didn't help matters that our python took a strike at my hand as I was attempting to take him out for photo opportunity.  (he's about to shed and just fed, can't really see right now, so I think was just striking at the movement)

Joel of course feels the snake was on high alert due to his (Joel's) intense fear factor.  Might be some thing to that, the snake has never, ever struck at my hand before, and I handle him often.

So, we left the python be, and the pix feature black mexican kingsnake about 5 feet long.


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